This last update package of Pandora FMS 7.0 NG contains improvements as well as visual changes and includes the resolution of some problems. A list of the most important changes can be found below.

New features and improvements

Real-time graphics of SNMP modules

They allow to see, at the user’s request, the real time data of an SNMP interface or any other module that can be sounded in real time from the Pandora FMS console:

whatsnew pandorafms 723


It allows you to make an OEM with your Pandora FMS installation, changing the name of both the product and the developer or manufacturer in all the sections of the console, and also in the main console screens of the server. It is possible to replace all logos, icons and references throughout the application.

whatsnew pandorafms 723

External Tentacle server configuration file

From this version on, the behaviour of the Tentacle server is much more flexible and easy to configure from the outside, thanks to the new external configuration file (optional).

Events in “progress”

It is now easier to use this intermediate status of events directly from Training and Event Management. Especially useful when working in multi-person operation teams in different shifts.

whatsnew pandorafms 723

whatsnew pandorafms 723

New GIS maps to work locally

With this new version it is possible to add a new data source for GIS maps. From version 7.0 Build 723 it is possible to add connections to WMS (Web Map Service) servers, such as GeoServer, which allows you to have GIS information in your own installation, without depending on external connections.

whatsnew pandorafms 723

Other small improvements

  • The export of events to CSV format has been improved, adding among other fields the internal (and unique) ID of the event.
  • Pandora’s internal audit log, which allows a total traceability, by user and operation, can now be exported to CSV format.
  • Improvements in the visualization of the graphs (tick separators, scale and zoom with detail in the graphs).
  • Improvements in the Oracle plugin, which now allows (optionally) to generate an agent for each database instance instead of grouping them all in the same agent.
  • Small visual improvements in the visualization of logs.


  • Three security vulnerabilities that affected previous versions have been fixed (CVE-2018-11221, CVE-2018-11222 and CVE-2018-11223).
  • Reported problems in group synchronization between nodes and meta console have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem in the RSS view that prevented it from working.
  • Fixed a serious bug in the Tree view that sometimes did not show the information to the user.
  • Fixed problems in the network module editor in policies.
  • Fixed a minor problem with network maps for network masks /32
  • Fixed a problem in the visualization of SLA’s in dashboards.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the correct editing of custom graphics in the visual console.
  • Fixed a bug when importing policies.
  • In the custom graphs the percentile graphs were not displayed correctly, it has already been fixed.

Download Pandora FMS

The last updated version of Pandora FMS can be downloaded from the downloads section of our website:

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