Take control over your equipment

Quick, easy and no need for memorizing or installing anything.
All the servers or workstations you have, anytime, anywhere.

Totally free up to 5 computers per user. Try it and decide!

Pandora RC UI showcase

Remote control for servers and computers

Choose the best option for your company or security policies: On-Premise or Cloud.

Why choose Pandora RC ?

Remote shell access on Linux, Windows, and Mac.
Remote desktop and shell, file and service/process copying.
Automatic updating. Install it and forget about it!
Advanced security features.
Basic features imply a reduced price.
Full audit of the use of each machine.
Manage hundreds of computers in a unified way.
100% SaaS solution. Don’t worry about anything.
Native integration with Pandora FMS.

Security and privacy

Other remote control softwares promises the world, we explain how Pandora RC is impregnable.

Pandora RC Security

We use local non-centralized passwords to ensure maximum user control.

Pandora RC Remote control

Enjoy high geographic availability and automatic balancing for reliability.

Pandora RC Double authentication

Implement system access policies with robust double authentication.

Pandora RC Control request

Interactive system to request access to the local operator in case of remote connection.

Pandora RC On premise installation
100% available for on-premise installations, without any external connectivity.
Pandora RC Individualization
Agents don’t listen on ports, they aren’t accessible on local network or from the outside.

¿You are a MSP and want to offer value to your customers?

Pandora RC is designed as a scalable, competitive on-premise platform, open to integrations with its own management processes, affordable and backed by a dedicated technical team. Now you can offer fully customized and proprietary-look-like (OEM) solutions, capable of giving service to more than 10,000 workstations with a single mid-range server.

Frequently asked questions about Pandora RC

How does the license work?
    • You license by number of machines and have countless concurrent sessions accessing them.
    • You may license on-premise and the price will depend on the number of hosts managed.
    • You’ll always pay the same. No mandatory upgrades. No updates. No surprises.
Where can I download it?

From the website you may install the software to be installed on the computers you want to control remotely. There is no need to install a “client” on our computer, everything is done through the web interface of the Pandora RC client portal.

What is a user?
A person who enters the Pandora RC web portal by entering a username and password and has remote access to all computers where Pandora RC is installed.

What is a device?
It can be a server, a workstation or an IoT device that works with Linux or Windows.

What if I need to access more than 5 devices?

You have to buy a user license. The free version is limited to 5 computers per user.

How many devices can I access at a time?

If you have 100 computers, you could connect to all 100 computers at once, you can share the user/password with your team to connect simultaneuosly to all computers managed.

How do I upgrade or add an existing subscription?

Through the website or by contacting our sales team.

Do you offer monthly billing?

Yes we do.

Ready to take control of your equipments?

Choose Pandora RC for seamless IT support & operations. Fast, secure, and reliable, it's the ultimate tool for efficiency and control. Absolutely free for up to 5 devices per user!

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