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Pandora FMS offers professional monitoring for IBM i. This includes the hardware (formerly AS/400, iSeries), software, and applications of the IBM i stack

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Data Pandora

There are more than 200,000 companies worldwide that use existing IBM Power servers technology within the IBM i operating system (formerly OS/400, i5/OS)

At Pandora FMS we are aware of this need, and we can integrate this IBM i technology with the rest of the open systems of your organization, offering   something unique in the market:  the convergence of systems in real time, and a centralized and unified control panel.This includes IBM i, SAP, Oracle, Windows systems, Unix systems, Linux systems, and applications from any manufacturer, as well as network hardware and equipment.

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PandoraFMS SAP monitoring

Pandora FMS for IBM i provides an “out of the box” solution with more than 150 checks to control any aspect of IBM i

Applications, system, messages, HA, EDI, backups, batches, ERP, transfers, DB, logs. Pandora FMS for IBM i is easy to implement for any IBM i technician just having to use familiar IBM i commands: absolutely NO development is needed.

We help you to solve the key questions in IBM i monitoring

Do you need to be informed if the backup was not completed?

Would you like to know that the EDI transfer was not terminated?

Are you informed that you have high priority messages waiting to be read?

How does it work?

For each IBM i partition a library must be restored and an AGENT (a subsystem) will be started. The library brings native IBM i commands to be used to define the checks you want. No development, only parameters to setup.

Once validated on the IBM i partition, you only have to copy each IBM i command into Pandora FMS. Thus, Pandora FMS, will contact remotely the IBM i partition (through a dedicated PLUGIN) and send the IBM i commands to the agent running on the IBM i partition.

The agent will send back to Pandora FMS all the collected metrics it requested. Through these high-performing mechanisms Pandora FMS is informed on the status of the components checked.

If really needed, in addition to the pre-configured IBM i commands, our solution can be adapted to customise your own controls written in RPG, CLP or other languages.

The IBM i agent license is independent from the Pandora FMS license and must be purchased separately.

How does Pandora FMS IBM i work

Examples of some standard commands available:

(CTCHKPING) Verify that the partition is responsive
(CTCHKUSR) Check deactivated profiles
Monitor Subsystems and Jobs
Monitor that no jobs are locked or in "waiting" state
(CTCHKBCH) Check that a batch job has run
(CTCHKJOBQ) Monitor the number of jobs in JOBQ
(CTCHKOUTQ) Monitor number of spools in an OUTQ
(CTCHKDTAQ) Monitor the number of entries in a DTAQ
(CTCHKIFSNB) Monitor the number of files in an IFS directory
Monitor the disk occupation or CPU utilization of a job/subsystem
(CTCHKPRB) Check for any system/hardware problems
(CTCHKDTAA) Check the content of a data area
(CTCHKSAV) Check that nightly backups are correct
Check that nightly backups are correct with BRMS
(CTCHKEDH) Check Quick EDD HA replication status
Check MiMiX HA Replication Status
Monitor M3, one of the nice ERP in the worldwide market: application errors, batch jobs status, asynchronous AutoJobs status, node status, etc
Pandora FMS IBM i partners

Pandora FMS technology partners, the key to drive innovation in the world of monitoring.

Clients that benefits from Pandora FMS IBM i monitoring

DZ bank
Hermes Paris
Laboratorios Gilbert
marsh mclennan companies
CSD Carrefour
Norbolsa broker
Caixa General
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Pandora FMS is a technology partner of M81 company, IBM i experts, and we use their knowledge and support to offer our customers the best integrated solution.