Pandora FMS Technical Support

Expert support for Pandora FMS management and operation

Forget about worries, our team of specialists guarantees service continuity and provides comprehensive support to the technical teams that manage Pandora FMS.

Free Pandora FMS Support

Pandora FMS offers free support through various channels to ensure that users can resolve their queries effectively.

You can access our forums and user groups, as well as detailed online documentation to resolve queries related to the installation, operation and use of Pandora FMS.

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Pandora FMS professional support

Pandora FMS professional support

Pandora FMS professional support is designed to resolve any issues related to the installation, operation and use of the software. We offer online and telephone communication, with 24-hour assistance for advanced customers.

In addition, we provide different levels of support with clear limits, we closely monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and our engineering team offers fast and efficient assistance, being a valued asset of our platform.

Support and operation services

Pandora offers, in addition to support, managed operation services to provide a comprehensive and customized solution to the specific needs of each organization. Our team of experts takes care of the administration, configuration and optimization of your Pandora FMS environment, allowing you to focus on your strategic objectives while we handle the day-to-day operations and technical maintenance.

Standard support 24/7 Support Operations support
Maximum number of tickets per year Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Assured availability % (annual) 99.726% 99.954% Varies according to contracted service level
Hourly range 8x5 América/EMEA 24x7 8x5 América/EMEA
Minimum response time 4hr 15min 30min
Direct contact phone number Not included Included Included
Integration development Not included Not included Included
Queries, doubts, configuration and maintenance support Included Included Included
Remote connections for troubleshooting Included Included Included
Remote version migration Not included Not included Included
Report creation, console dashboard, network mapping Not included Not included Included
Agent deployment and configuration Not included Not included Included
Policy management (alerts, thresholds, agent management) Not included Not included Included

Troubleshooting times for standard and 24×7 support (*)

(*) We will help you solve any problem related to Pandora, but in no case we will operate your system for you, nor will we remotely install any component, nor will we perform backups or restores or any maintenance task of the base system. Support for tool failures will be provided on product versions between the latest stable release (LTS) and the latest regular release (RRR). In case a patch needs to be created, it will be done on the latest stable release (LTS) if not already included in the latest regular release (RRR), where it should be upgraded to that version.

Level Definition Stadard Support 24/7 Support
Critical A complete loss of service even after performing a restart. Service crashes or is unusable. 5 days Same day
Medium Non-essential operations of the service are interrupted, a functionality fails but a workaround exists that allows continuity of essential operations. 40 days (RRR version) Two working days
Low There is a low impact on a production system involving partial or limited loss of non-critical functionality, but a workaround exists that allows continuity of normal operations. 90 days (RRR version) Next LTS patch revision
Informational No impact on product quality, performance or functionality is observed. Examples include: *New product request. *Product Enhancement Request (RFE). n/a n/a

Bag of hours

Regardless of your level of support, we offer packages in a bag of hours format to meet your specific needs.

These hours can be used for any technical task related to Pandora by our specialized staff: migrations, recoveries, advanced configurations, integrations. The only limit is the number of contracted hours. We work in both English and Spanish, and we can attend schedules in LATAM and EMEA.

You can purchase bags of hours directly from our website. We will contact you immediately after purchase to coordinate the connection and start working, with no additional paperwork.

Do you use Pandora FMS Open Source? Our technicians can optimize it in just eight hours.
Do you need to migrate a sensitive system with official support? We'll take care of it for you.
Do you want a customized integration? Our development team is the best to do it.
Do you have performance issues and don't want to waste time investigating on your own? Let us connect and solve it, even in environments with more than 50,000 devices.

Frequently asked questions about our support

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1. Can a support technician help me solve a problem by connecting to my environment remotely?

Once you have an open issue, the technician will schedule a remote session if necessary. We use Pandora RC for remote connections (at no cost to you), but you can also provide any other remote connection system. Pandora RC allows terminal connection with Linux, Windows and Mac computers without the need to install VPN or additional software (except the agent).

2. Can you explain me how Pandora FMS works?

If you are a customer, request unlimited access to our eLearning portal, where we offer training courses at all levels, both in English and Spanish. Our support team is always available to help you with any questions you may have about Pandora FMS.

3. I can't talk to a technician by phone?

Once you have an open issue and the technician considers it necessary, a session will be scheduled by video conference, chat or phone to address the problem.

4. Can I ask the support team for new features?

We are happy to listen to your suggestions and ideas, although we cannot guarantee their incorporation into the product. If you would like to add a new feature with a guaranteed timeframe, please talk to your account manager to evaluate its inclusion.

5. Can the support team develop scripts/integrations for me?

The operations team will be happy to assist you with the integration of new technologies. The standard technical support team does not perform these tasks, but can assist you in integrating current plugins from our library of existing technologies.

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