Save time and stay up to date with our software’s reporting section!

Get reports from different areas, such as support, time management and projects by means of the reports section. In addition, create custom reports with SQL queries and schedule automatic and periodic report sending.

Helpdesk Reports

Optimize your team and improve customer satisfaction with our customized reports!

Our custom templates will help you better plan your reports. Carry out saved searches or manual searches for detailed reports.

Display general stats, team stats and people stats for effective team management.

Find out how our custom reports can improve your team and customer satisfaction!


Support Reports

Agent Report

No more uncertainty and improve the support you offer your customers with our specific report to control quality!

This report will show you metrics for each operator, such as time spent, average ticket resolution time, positive customer feedback, and total tickets (filtered by company and time slot).

Access the information you need to improve your service and keep your customers happy!

Support Report

Discover the power of high-level reporting with our in-depth reporting feature.

With more than thirty different filters, our reports will allow you to display dozens of graphs, summaries, listings and parameters in a single PDF report. You may use it to make reports by customers, by customer groups, by status, and so on.

In addition, it also offers you custom ticket search. If you are looking for general statistics and some Top-N in table format, as well as trend charts, this report offers you all these resources.

Resolution Report

Identify the impact of closed tickets on your business!

With this technical report, you will be able to know the time spent, dead pauses, the people involved and customer satisfaction when solving your tickets.

Improve your performance and optimize your processes with our tool!

Detailed Tickets Report

Our product’s support ticket report will help you get all the details you need to manage your support tickets!

From general data to ticket history, SLA history and general metrics, our support ticket report gives you all the information you need to make the best ticket management decisions.

Report by Ticket Type

Now you can keep a rigorous control of your business tickets with our report in list format!

Group tickets by company, control the number of tickets by type, and set the time interval for accurate results. And all this with our custom search filters. Do not wait any longer to have full control of your business tickets!

Customer Incident Report

Do you want to see exactly how many incidents you have open or closed?

Our tool offers you the ease of filtering this information by user, year and month.

Don’t waste time searching manually!

Try our solution to make it easy for you to keep track of all your incidents.

Project Reports

Project Reports

You can now get full information about your projects in just a few clicks!

Discover the easiest way to filter your projects quickly and effectively. With our filtering tools, you can search the project name and description, filter by owner, by people involved, by date and by project group.

You may also include archived projects in the report!

Access a list with all the details of your projects. Get accurate information about the projects you lead, such as ID, group, name, owner, people involved, and task progress. And everything ready for display in full-screen HTML format, or export to PDF and CSV.

Custom Reports (SQL)

Custom SQL reports can help you get an exportable data table to Excel or PDF!

With just one global administrator for reporting, users can get optimal results without having to learn SQL or the internal structure of the database.

Report Templates

With template management, you’ll have the power to effortlessly edit, delete, and create templates.

Our practical tool will allow you to access a list with the templates already created so you may customize them to your liking.

Report Manager

Create reports with ease using the report manager!

Design templates and schedule report generation to be emailed or stored in the report library for later reference.

Report Scheduling

Save time and effort by scheduling reports to run every month, week, or day!

Set an entry in the report scheduler for results to be stored in the system library or emailed directly to someone.

Discover all the advantages of our report planner!



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