Cloud Monitoring as a Service

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With our Cloud Monitoring services, we offer you full and hassle-free solutions for your monitoring.

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Discover the advantages we offer

No initial upfront investment

Forget about capital and operating costs. You don’t need to invest in an operations center or an in-house team of engineers.

Accelerate your results

With our SaaS and MaaS solutions, you can get value quickly, without long deployment times.

24/7 access

Access your monitoring system anytime, anywhere, with no associated downtime.

Seamless integration

Easily connect our solution to your business processes, generating alerts based on your company’s specific conditions.

Safety ensured

Your information is protected, monitored and meets the highest security standards, including GDPR.

☁️ Discover what our Cloud Monitoring Services have to offer

Dive into the specific features of our SaaS and MaaS services and find out how you may simplify your life. Find out more about our managed services →

Operating services

Let us take care of it. We operate for you, optimizing resources and booting times.

Tailor-made integrations

Our specialized consultants are available to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Tailor-made integrations

Our specialized consultants are available to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Deployment Projects

We support with specialized resources wherever you need them, ensuring a successful and hassle-free implementation.

What is SaaS and MaaS?

SaaS and MaaS are the two versions of our Cloud Monitoring as a Service. Both models offer an agile, off-the-shelf monitoring platform in the cloud, without the need for dedicated infrastructure or setup fees. We guarantee 24/7 uninterrupted operation with a solid SLA of more than 99% per year. In addition, we provide advanced features such as user experience monitoring, log collection, and application monitoring for full monitoring of your critical systems.

Which one to choose?

The choice between SaaS and MaaS will depend on your company’s specific needs and resources.


If you are looking for a quick, ready-to-use and hassle-free solution at a more affordable price.


If you prefer a custom solution, in a completely dedicated environment where you may expand certain requirements (disk space for log collection, data retention, and other details) with a higher SLA requirement and access to premium services.

Comparative SaaS vs. MaaS

SaaS MaaS
Dedicated Infrastructure
Setup fee
Starting at 20 devices 100 devices
24x7 operation
SLA % (Yearly) 99,5% 99,7%
24x7 support Optional
Trending storage 1 year 1 year (upgradeable)
Log storage 1 GB per Month 1 GB per month (upgradeable)
HA Optional
Managed services Optional Optional
Command center Optional
SAP / IBM-i Optional
UX monitoring
Log collection
Application monitoring
Server monitoring
Distributed network monitoring
All PRO features
Data backup Weekly 5 days (Expandable)
E-learning 2 seats 5 seats
Support time zone America/EU America/EU
Languages English/Spanish English/Spanish

Managed Services

We adapt to your specific needs, from basic configuration to the most advanced solutions, for your system supervision and management, at three levels: Basic, Standard and Advanced. Each designed to meet a variety of needs, from a minimum response time of 30 minutes to 6 hours. All levels include agent deployment and configuration, policy management and reporting, control consoles, and network maps. In addition, the Advanced level adds script development for additional customization.

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Basic Standard Advanced
Min. Time response 6 hr 2 hr 30 min
Phone contact
Starting at 10 hr/month 20 hr/month 40 hr/month
Script development
Creation of reports, consoles dashboard, network maps
Agent deployment and configuration
Policy management (alerts, thresholds, agent management)


What is the limit of service agents? Does it have an alert or storage limit?

There is no agent limit, although service starts from 20/100 agents (SaaS/MaaS). There is also no limit on the alerts or reports you may use.

How long are history data stored?

For monitoring data history, it is stored for 1 year in SaaS and MaaS, although this limit in MaaS could be updatable. For log storage, 10GB per day is provided for SaaS and 10GB per day for MaaS, with the possibility of increasing this limit in MaaS.

What is the service availability? What happens if it fails over a weekend?

The service availability service level agreement (SLA) is 99.5% for SaaS and 99.7% for MaaS, with additional SLA level enhancement options.

What security does the service offer?

In addition to a contract-guaranteed availability SLA, at MaaS all our servers are unique to each customer, we have 24/7 monitoring, our own system security and of course the service includes backups. We are an ISO/27001.

ISO 27001

What are managed services for?

Available in three levels (Basic, Standard, Advanced), our managed services allow our team to manage the tool for you for a number of hours per month. That way, you may hand down routine, time-consuming tasks to our team, saving valuable time and resources for other activities. Our staff is certified at the highest level in Pandora FMS and can perform tasks immediately, without the need to train your staff regarding Pandora FMS.

For example, you may delegate tasks such as creating reports or alerts, configuring thresholds or policies, integrating new monitoring with library plugins, or even developing small integrations using scripts. Just create a ticket and we take care of the rest. In our Advanced service, you will even have a phone number to call for smoother communication.

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