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A monitoring platform built to be flexible and adaptable to any type of organization

Collect &

Performance dataPerformance, consumption and usage. All types of data are collected, evaluated and used in a different fashion, and flexibility is in our DNA.
EventsMonitor in real time all events that take place in your systems, from any module status changes, activated or recovered alerts, or even system restarts or custom events.


TrendsStatic reports are not enough. Trends and anomalies must be represented and you should be able to make projections as well as predictions.
ReportsThe report builder allows you to design your own reports, customized with covers, headers and different content. Custom layouts, similar to dashboards, can be defined to display data in real time and with a history of several years. There are predefined reports for availability calculations, Top-N, SLA (monthly, weekly or daily), histograms, graphs, capacity planning reports, reporting events, inventory, configuration and more.
GraphsIssue prevention in any electronic component is based on our skills to monitor it and to interpret the data obtained. Graphs are one of the most complex Pandora FMS implementations, since they retrieve real-time data from the database and do not use any external system (rrdtool or similar).
Business dashboardsEach user can create their own dashboard that highlights the most relevant critical metrics for their team and their operations. Keep all team members informed of your system's performance levels. These screens can be displayed in full screen, shared with external users through a URL, switched one after the other automatically with a timer, or linked together to create custom drilldowns. Screens allow you to infinitely extend the way of displaying information, adapting it to each organization.


Remote control
AlertsPandora FMS alerts are designed to integrate into existing work cycles, from the most basic like an email to the most up-to-date like Slack or Telegram. Notifications also help schedule automatic actions such as turning on/off remote systems, activating actuators or creating incidents through Remedy, Zendesk, Jira, OTRs, etc. Alerts include escalations, special day exceptions, scheduled downtimes, weekends, and many other customization options.
APIAPIs to integrate your own business processes, both in configuration management, as well as notifications, provisioning processes, inventory processes, CMDB and many others.
CMDBCMDB integrates processes and assets and displays in real time the organization's information as something alive, that's why bidirectional integration with Pandora FMS is of key importance.
Service Desk

Make the best decisions with your company’s data

Networking and communications

Discover all your network equipment and represent its topology through maps that connect interfaces and show your network’s structure in detail.

User Experience

Detect failures before your customers do. Check whether the app works as expected. Monitor overall performance and each of the steps separately.

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure

Mainframe, IBM-i, Unix, Windows, Android and Linux.


Our library offers customizable solutions for virtually any case and data source. Help your IT operations teams solve application performance issues before they affect your users.

Log Management

Collect and store all types of logs (including Windows events) to be able to search and set alerts.

Cloud and Virtualization

Unify your applications’ monitoring regardless of their operating model, in physical infrastructures, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud…)

Pandora FMS offers two modalities of use to suit all your needs

+500 Integrations
Broaden your monitoring power

We offer real solutions to everyday problems, through Enterprise application plugins in collaboration with our customers. We have integrations of current technologies, used in production in environments all around the world.

We support emerging, established technologies and even legacy systems.

Pandora FMS technology partners

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Customers in more than 50 countries. They are our best reference

Learn how Rakuten managed to control the improvement of their systems and reduce their operating costs by 40%

Find out how Toshiba improved the quality and availability of their services by complying with their 99.5% SLA

Learn how MCM Telecom minimizes the potential risks of managing more than 4,000 simultaneous devices

We started our project in 2004

Since then, customers from different parts of the world have relied on Pandora FMS.

We loved that it saved us up to 20 minutes of time on repetitive tasks each day/week.”

Swapnil M.IT

Construction industry
11 to 50 Employees

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I really like Pandora FMS’ visual and interactive monitoring system. I also like the fact that it has a free version available.”

Masiullah W.Project Coordinator

Information technology and services
1001 to 5000 employees

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One of the best and most flexible software for monitoring applications, servers, ITSM, etc.”

Frinto A.Operations Manager

Management consultancy
501 to 1000 Employees

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It helps my work to be more proactive rather than reactive, I have full visibility of my critical infrastructure.”

José A.CIO

Information Technologies and Services
11 to 50 Employees

Capterra’s comments are the subjective opinions of individual users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Capterra or its affiliates.

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Pandora FMS shows in real time what is happening with your organisation’s technology.

It generates alerts, analyses yearly trends, shares that information with customers or suppliers. Our customers use this information to save time and money, and above all it helps their IT teams to optimise their work.