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Data Pandora
Data Pandora
Professional end customer services
Pandora FMS support extension

24/7 support extensions over the standard support contract.

Pandora FMS certificates

Tailor-made training, face-to-face or remote. We have several levels of certification.

Pandora FMS custom development

Development of tailor-made, public (which are incorporated into our roadmap) or private features.

Pandora FMS outsourcing

Staff outsourcing either full or partial. Remote or face-to-face.

Pandora FMS custom plugins

Development of custom integrations (plugins) to integrate monitoring into your own applications or extend the monitoring of our current plugins.

Pandora FMS hourly rate

Projects by hour bags for specific interventions (e.g.: migrations, integrations, updates, configuration deployments).

Pandora FMS start to finish

Full turnkey deployment projects. From analysis consultancy to your own or third-party team coordination: project manager, specialist consultant, developers and even graphic designers.

As vendors, direct involvement is a guarantee of success

Pandora FMS professional services team
Professional service for MSPs and integrators
Pandora FMS tech support collaboration

Collaboration in the implementation with technical staff integrated into your teams.

Pandora FMS project management

External head of implementation projects.

Pandora FMS full teams

Training of your whole operation teams.

Pandora FMS SaaS assistance

Assistance in the implementation of own SaaS solutions.

Pandora FMS custom OEM

Custom creation of OEM products.

Pandora FMS custom monitoring

Tailor-made monitoring engineering.

Why count on us?

We are experts in migrations and large implementations. We have our own specialized consulting and engineering team.

Who better than the vendor to ensure the success of a project!

Pandora FMS solutions for everyone

If we’re not close enough, we can work with a partner you know.

Very competitive prices.

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Marc Charbonneau

Systems Analyst

“This product has been really good for us. We took a chance on this open source product with an enterprise offering. It has been very effective for what we monitor; servers, network switches, Fibre Channel switches, web applications, etc.”

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Maxi T.

It is an all-in-one product conceptually. It allows you to exploit the monitoring capabilities, and limitless creativity, of Networking, servers, DBS, Endpoints, etc. Either natively or through the customization of agents/plugins, you can cover the need for monitoring without problems”.

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Linda D.

Information Technology and Analytical Services

“It is a perfect tool, it adapts to small and large companies, its products scale hand in hand with the user to adapt to environments with different needs and allows them to grow over time. With a single tool you have the power to monitor any device regardless of its type, allowing organizations to gain insight into their concerns in real time by viewing data directly from a single tool.”

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