Pandora FMS versions

Pandora FMS Versions Comparison

Pandora FMS has the following versions available: RMM, NMS, ONE and MaaS: RMM, NMS, ONE and MaaS. Which is the best option for your monitoring needs?

In an increasingly connected world, monitoring IT infrastructure becomes crucial for businesses.

The increasing complexity of the IT environment now requires a broad set of applications covering all aspects: networks, applications, servers, hardware, virtualization, databases, web applications, cloud, and more.

Pandora FMS, a market leader in monitoring, offers several versions to adapt to the needs of each customer, including the new versions ONE, NMS, RMM and Cloud Monitoring as a Service (MaaS). In this article, we will dive into the key differences between these versions to help you choose the one that best fits your specific needs.

The highlight of Pandora FMS is that you may combine all versions in the same license (a hybrid license), so you won’t have to sacrifice anything, adapting Pandora FMS to your particular case. FMS, which stands for “Flexible Monitoring System”, refers not only to technical aspects, but also to its license, services and the equipment behind the software.

Pandora NMS

Pandora NMS is designed for network environments, ranging from simple devices such as access points, routers, IP cameras or IoT devices connected to a data bus, to more complex devices such as switches with hundreds of ports, managed at the highest level using the latest standards (Netflow, SNMP v3).

Among the most common uses of Pandora NMS there are network traffic monitoring, device connectivity, latency, jitter, lag, packet loss, network misuse, inter-site connectivity, service availability, network equipment management, SNMP trap reception, IP addressing management, network maps, availability reports, and dashboards.


Pandora FMS has a network equipment configuration control system (NCM) that makes change management easier, sending bulk modifications to network devices through SSH or Telnet, backing up configurations and warning of unauthorized changes in them.

Network Maps and Discovery L2

Pandora FMS has a complete visual reporting system (PDF reports, graphical consoles and dashboards). Particularly for IP networks, it supports low-level port discovery, connecting not only network devices by their IP addresses, but also discovering the ports they interconnect at the interface level, and creating dynamic network maps of the whole infrastructure.

IP Management (IPAM)

Pandora FMS also offers an IP Management System (IPAM) that allows you to control IP addresses in networks, reserve IPs, manage supernets, obtain information directly from DHCP servers and monitor network usage in real time.

Network Analysis (Netflow)

Thanks to Netflow, Pandora FMS can analyze network usage, identifying the IPs that generate the most traffic, the protocols that consume the most, generating time graphs, performing protocol studies and offering a tool that can be used for solving network problems of any kind, thanks to its open interface to make direct queries in real time.

Web User Experience

Web application monitoring involves more than verifying that the web is up and running. Currently, applications are complex, and heavy transactions need to be executed through a real web browser, using recorded multi-phase transactions. For that reason, we have integrated the Selenium engine into our monitoring, offering transactional web monitoring that supports any type of web application.

Collecting Logs

Pandora FMS allows us to collect, store and process all types of logs from network devices, storing years of information in our backend OpenSearch and using the log console as a forensic tool or to generate alerts in real time.

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Distributed Monitoring (Satellite Servers)

Pandora FMS remote monitoring servers allow queries to be made in isolated networks, which makes them perfect for monitoring sites, customer networks, isolated environments or distributing monitoring from different geographical areas.

Geographical HA

Our High Availability (HA) does not require external elements, as it is fully integrated into the product. It can distribute nodes in different geographical locations and even operate independently in case of network split.

SNMP Trap Reception

We have a dedicated trap reception console, which allows you to program dynamic responses to complex traps.

High Scalability (Command Center)

We have projects that monitor more than 500,000 metrics, thanks to the power of Pandora FMS federated architecture, which allows for true horizontal scalability.

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Pandora RMM

Pandora FMS RMM version is conceived to monitor workstations, whether they are Microsoft Windows, Mac or Linux desktop workstations, including mobile devices and tablets with Android operating system. In these environments, monitoring features are usually more basic, focusing on verifying the use of system resources (CPU, RAM, Disk) and the status of critical elements from a security point of view, such as antivirus, VPN, backup and the latest update of corporate software.

In addition to monitoring of workstations, other tools are required, such as asset management (hardware inventory, version control, hardware and software obsolescence management, license control, etc.), remote control to access systems centrally, installed software management, patch distribution, system securing, etc. IP addressing control, scheduled reboots, printer installation, and user activity tracking.

IP Address Control (IPAM)

The IP Address Control (IPAM) feature in Pandora FMS RMM version is similar to that of the NMS version, but adapted to workstation environments. It generally integrates with Microsoft’s DHCP server, enabling IP-by-IP control and providing usage statistics. It is crucial to understand that the IP-workstation relationship is not static, and Pandora FMS agents installed on computers can communicate their new IP on each run, maintaining control of each computer at all times.

Remote Control

The remote control component is natively integrated into Pandora FMS console and uses the browser to remotely connect to the PC desktop. You don’t need an additional tool to operate the mouse. In addition to remote desktop, a native super admin shell can be accessed in Mac, Windows, and Linux environments. It is also possible to copy files, restart services, and stop processes from the web interface.

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Asset Management

Through the information collected by agents, Pandora FMS offers updated inventories of hardware, operating system, IP addresses, serial numbers, installed applications, users, paths, licenses and other relevant data. In addition, users can create their own scripts to collect custom information and complete the information with hand-entered fields on each endpoint. Pandora FMS provides comprehensive reports, perfect to meet regulatory requirements (ISO, ENS, etc.), deliverable through custom PDFs.

Task Automation

With Pandora FMS and its Omnishell feature, users can deploy new software, deploy patches, reboot systems, and perform other automation tasks.

Workstation Security Monitoring

Users can monitor in real time computer basic parameters and periodically evaluate the strength of its configuration using the integrated hardening tool of the base operating system. In addition, they can anticipate potential problems by identifying vulnerable software on their computers.

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Pandora ONE

Pandora ONE is designed to cover all types of devices, from advanced networking equipment to complex servers with their entire application stack, including Microsoft Windows equipment, Linux or Unix servers, whether in on-premise, virtualized or cloud environments.

Pandora FMS ONE makes the monitoring of all the corporate IT of your organization easier, unifying all the supervision, control and management tasks of each of its operating platforms, regardless of their operating system or role in the organization. ONE manages communications equipment, database servers, application servers, backup servers, cloud servers, virtualized environments, SAP servers, mainframe, IBM-i, and more. With over 500 integrations available, whatever technology you need to monitor, we have the solution.

No Monitoring Limit

Unlike other monitoring tools that invoice by check, in Pandora FMS ONE the price is set per device. For example, if you have an Oracle database with 20 databases, you may manage it all with a single Pandora license.


Pandora FMS ONE allows you to offer services to your customers or different internal users with the same platform, showing only the relevant information for each one. You may even delegate report creation or the management of each customer’s devices.

Professional Reports

PDF reports for customers are fully customizable, programmable for shipping and storage on disk. This customization will help you show the quality of your customer service, with all the necessary details. We pay so much attention to detail that we even allow you to include subsequent service stops to recalculate your SLAs, and, of course, limit the number of decimal places in the calculation of those SLAs.

Long-term History

Pandora FMS ONE offers several options to store years worth of monitoring without losing detail, both for log storage and for monitoring data.

Configuration Management by Policies

It allows you to define configuration standards for IT environment monitoring that will be applied to all connected agents, so that a large volume of devices can be managed homogeneously and quickly.

Integration with Third Parties

Pandora FMS API allows you to integrate both to receive data and to send data, reusing existing monitoring tools, or integrating it with tools from other manufacturers, such as SIEM, EDR, event managers, etc.

Service Management and Root Cause Analysis

Pandora FMS allows you to group different metrics at monitor, agent or other service levels into an abstract concept of “service”, establishing criticality weights to prioritize critical failures over non-critical ones. This makes it easy to work effectively in environments with thousands of events per day.

Event and Correlation Console

Managing monitoring using events instead of alerts unifies and greatly simplifies the alerting process.

With event correlation, complex logical rules can be established to avoid alert storms in environments with many monitored services. Pandora FMS event console allows groupings, auto-validation of the event when retrieving, operator comments, execution of automatic actions, instructions for the operator, comments with history and has a sound console and a mobile console to manage events in a centralized operation environment.

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Pandora in Cloud (MaaS)

Experience Pandora FMS in the cloud with our MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) offer. Get all Pandora FMS ONE features without the need to manage on-premise software. Free yourself from maintenance and let us take care of everything for you.

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Depending on the type of devices you wish to monitor, you will need a specific type of license:

NMS for basic network environments, RMM for workstation environments and ONE for corporate IT infrastructure.

You don’t need to choose a license exclusively; You may choose a mixed license that is perfectly suited to the specific needs of your environment.

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Support & Consulting Services

All our licenses include an 8/5 support service to help you solve any questions or problems related to the use of the tool. In addition, you have the option of hiring our 24/7 support service with a specific phone number and no limit on incidents or queries.

On-premise licenses (RMM, NMS, ONE) also provide access to updates and new Pandora FMS versions. In the MaaS version, your platform will be automatically updated to keep it up to date.

We offer remote exploitation or technical consulting services in multiple formats.

Investment to Be Made (TCO and ROI)

Pandora FMS version on-premise is available with both the perpetual license (with annual version support/maintenance renewal) and subscription license model, where you will pay the same every year. This last option is the most interesting if you are looking to reduce the initial investment or if the costs of the license will be charged to a third party.

For example, if you’re starting a new business project, subscribing may be more convenient due to the lower initial investment and greater budget flexibility.

However, from the third year onwards, acquiring a perpetual license will be more economical in the long run, as annual renewals can exceed the cost of this initial investment. The cloud version (MaaS) offers only a subscription license, with an annual renewal and monthly or annual payments.

In addition, each Pandora FMS license includes access to all courses on our eLearning platform, although certifications are not included.

RMM NMS One Cloud
Minimum number of devices 100 100 100 20
License for Workstations Network computers Devices Any
Model On-Premise
Features All features included

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