Project Management

Optimize your team’s processes efficiently to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Planning, allocation and centralized, collaborative, real-time follow-up.

Ready to get full control over your projects?

Pandora ITSM helps you effectively manage your projects through precise planning, follow-up and reporting.


Planning, follow-up and reporting


Dynamic project management


Allocation of hours


Project follow-up over time


Time and cost planning


Work units assigned to each project task


Personnel management

Take advantage of the great flexibility offered by the different roles in projects and adjust your tasks individually to ensure successful outcomes.

Our collaborative framework allows you to add new users with different roles to participate in the project, as well as manage existing ones. In addition, people can participate both in the project and in the tasks themselves with a specific role.

Tools that allow teams to plan and control their projects with higher efficiency and agility

Project, task and personnel combination will help you save time and resources by managing your projects effectively. Establishing hierarchical structures in tasks and subtasks, as well as being able to associate tickets and work units to the process, guarantee effective project management.

automatic actions


Gantt diagram
to view task distribution over time


Task and milestone
change notifications

Task Planning

The task planner provides teams with an efficient way to manage tasks and projects.

  • Define a task: specify time margins, allocate resources/costs, allocate hours/person.
  • Pandora ITSM generates indexes you may check in real time to detect deviations in time, costs and resource planning.
  • Record all opening, closing, changing and adding operations with precision and high efficiency.
  • Pandora ITSM tracks all information changes, be it work units or attachments.
  • Manage the costs of your projects with our system for calculating the costs of each role by hour/person and the additional costs directly attributed to the task.

Create, edit, and delete tasks, work units, tickets, and more

Advanced statistics that allow you to monitor project progress by counting the number of tasks per state, hours worked per user and tasks assigned to each user.


Interactive Gantt chart

Display the project information by merging the actual allocation, task progress, and original planning. Highlight dependencies and milestones.



Upload, download or delete files attached to a project.



Setting milestones gives teams a way to track progress, while allowing them to effectively prioritize, tailor, and adjust projects.

Project reports

Get full information about your projects in just a few clicks!

Discover the easiest way to filter your projects quickly and effectively.

With our filtering tools, you can search the project name and description, filter by owner, by people involved, by date and by project group.

You may also include archived projects in the report!

Access a list with all the details of your projects and get accurate information about the projects you manage, such as ID, group, name, owner, people involved and task progress. And everything ready for display in full-screen HTML format, or export to PDF and CSV.

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