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Pandora FMS started as an OpenSource project in 2004 posted on Sourceforge with more than 1.5 million downloads and over a thousand pages of documentation published in three languages.

Now, our code is posted in

Data Pandora
Data Pandora


Select the installation method that best suits your environment (cloud, on-premise, Docker, RPM packages or Github), and find the most up-to-date download links.

First steps guide


Find answers to all your questions about the possibilities of our all-in-one platform: product sheet, features, plugins, LOPD compliance, FAQ, security, etc.

Quick Guides

Unlike the official documentation, the quick guides work as How-to or specific tutorials for a given task, although we have more extensive guides for other topics.

Pandora FMS Wiki

These pages contain all available documentation relevant to Pandora FMS and its environments, including user and administration guides.

Community driven spaces


You can find all sorts of topics ranging from general Pandora FMS conversations, features and developments to more advanced troubleshooting and problems.


Watch our customer-ready content that foster monitoring learning and adoption. Meet the experts that contribute to a robust database of training guides for Pandora FMS.


For the people who wants to stay informed and on top the latest news: technology, cybersecurity, software, community driven activities and much more.

About Pandora FMS

Source code

Open source is not just a license or a way of thinking, but a form of software engineering for sharing knowledge and implementing continuous improvement cycles.

Why Enterprise?

While the free version is a powerful tool in itself, there are many areas of business which demand extra features and specialized services that requires an Enterprise version.

Our history

Learn how all of it started from the experience of our founder and original developers. We’ve come a long way, and there’s still much to come in the future.