The all-in-one platform for Service & Support management

Powerful and Flexible Helpdesk for support and customer service teams, aligned with ITIL processes.

Manage tickets easily and measure services both internally and externally. Set SLAs, measuring each client’s incidences individually. Improve customer and employee satisfaction, working productively and efficiently.

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A complete environment, much more than a Help Desk

Project management

Your IT projects on time. Create projects, manage resources and optimise telework with constant monitoring. Integrate projects with requests and changes to improve service delivery.


You can obtain reports from different areas, such as support, time management and projects. You can also create customised reports with SQL queries and schedule reports to be sent automatically and periodically.

Time Management

Your employees can record their working day from their browser or via the app in just a few clicks. Ideal for working from anywhere or controlling your company remotely. Take your business with you at all times.

Inventory Control

Track and manage configuration items and map their relationships and dependencies. Keep track of the history of incidents on each asset and automate your processes.

Help Desk

A customer outside the company can create a ticket without accessing the platform, or by writing an email to a specific address and a user will be created automatically.

Integrated CRM

Have your clients, contacts, contracts and invoices at hand. Give the best service by organising your team without using other tools that involve more costs or integrations.

What inspires us to be diferents?

herramientas complejas

There are tools so complex that they require a consultancy project to integrate them into companies…

Promesa 5 minutos

… and others that promise to do everything in 5 minutes, but cannot be adapted to what your SLA needs.

Satisfacción soporte

With Pandora ITSM turns user support into something satisfactory and orderly for customers and employees.

Custom integrations and plugins

To start a project you can do it with your own team or count on us to help you customize the tool to the maximum in its processes, applications and backend.

Cloud and on-premise licensing

Incident management by email

Custom workflows

Customizable reports and dashboards

Custom SLA management

3rd party integration (Slack, SMS, Telegram, etc)

Multitenant, with custom profiles and permissions

Integrated customer satisfaction system

Self-service portal for external customers

Pandora ITSM balances flexibility, simplicity and power

And above all, it adapts to your needs.

Every organization is different, but in all people are the most important thing

An IT operations software that unites people to solve problems, manage projects and manage knowledge, optimizing your time and resources.

Pandora ITSM facilitates the management of your company and helps your employees to obtain better results

With our extensive experience we will be part of your team and our solutions will provide your company with greater control and efficiency.




And if you want more…

notas privadas

Integrated WIKI

Perfect for securely sharing passwords, day-to-day information, restrictions and access and advanced ACLs with your team.


Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI with natural language the chatbot will answer for the team, and let human operators solve difficult issues. The AI continuously learns from solved cases and its knowledge base is integrated into any web environment, being a natural and integrated support to its human operators.


Software distribution

Distribute software packages to your customers in a centralized, secure and controlled way, fully integrated into the tool.

Provides the support team with a reliable tool to have all the information at hand and in order