Our Customers

Part of the success and rapid international recognition that Pandora FMS currently enjoys is based on the good performance of its work and the high satisfaction of the customers who have trusted in our products.

Client Cases

“We needed a tool that had to be both sustainable and flexible enough to accommodate our constantly changing requirements.”

CAU EMT Madrid team.

“After searching for months for inventory management solutions, we came across several options that were often either too simple, too complex, too costly, or too user-unfriendly.”

Gabriel Martires. Technical Manager of Software and IT Projects at Concordia College.

“We needed a solution that was fully integrated with an expert company to back it up and support us when we needed it.”

Ibor Rodriguez Barredo. Director of Information Systems and Technology (CIO CTO) at Grupo Amma.

Some examples of leading companies from different fields that have decided to bet on our products and have found the tools that best suit their needs, such as Pandora ITSM.

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