These release notes describe new features, improvements and fixed issues in Pandora FMS NG 749. They also provide information about upgrades and describe some workarounds for known issues.

New features and improvements

Integrated HA improvements

After investigating improvements in Pandora FMS HA environment, as well as being able to solve some errors due to module synchronization between nodes, improvements have been implemented in the configuration of the HA environment to achieve higher stability in log synchronization and receipt.

In order to achieve these improvements, MySQL configurations have been additionally changed to better support the load. The new ISO includes in addition the necessary configurations in case you want to use HA, as well as scripts to automatically modify the necessary configurations for this new HA system.

Visual enhancements in user management

The display of user management has been modified. There were difficulties to be able to see the information of each one of the users, as well as the insertion of multiple profiles to the same user giving a display failure in it.

Changes were made to how options to be configured in a user appear at the top of the information thereof, as well as the collapse of profiles in case the user has more than 6 profiles.

Pandora FMS in Centos 8

Pandora FMS is constantly evolving as well as operating systems, and we could absolutely not fallbehind. In this version, the packages for the official Pandora FMS update in CentOS 8 are supplied for the first time:

  • Console
  • Server
  • Software agent

Known changes and limitations

Log viewer

The Pandora FMS log viewer display has been modified. Log view sources can be edited, being able to shut down or create new sources.

Fixed vulnerabilities and other improvements

Thanks to the information collected, we have been able to correct and fix the following vulnerabilities that affected Pandora FMS.

In addition, we have kept introducing changes and developments to improve your favorite monitoring software.

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