In release 742, we have updated some components integrated into the solution, such as cURL 7.65.3 version, in addition to several bugs being solved to help improve software performance, such as an error in SLA-Wizard reports or on private dashboards.

We also have updates, such as new integrations in the Pandora FMS plug-in library: RabbitMQ and Grafana.


New reports in landscape mode

Given the needs of Pandora FMS customers, the way in which reports are shown in landscape mode has been enhanced. Thus, SLA reports and graphs will be adjusted to the available space, improving their display.

Improvements in report display

In this update 742, new fonts have been added and their rendering has been improved. The aim of the Pandora FMS team is for users to have some of the best monitoring reports on the market, the most professional and visual ones.

New plugin: RabbitMQ (Enterprise)

RabbitMQ is an open source message negotiation software that works as a messaging queue manager. It implements the standard Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, and it is within middleware messaging category.

The plugin, developed by Pandora FMS, will allow data to be obtained from monitoring RabbitMQ environments. It will not be necessary to install any additional software, since the information is obtained using the messaging software API.

More information in our library of integrations.

Grafana integration with Pandora FMS

Grafana Datasource Extension is the latest addition to the Pandora FMS plugin library. This integration will allow to represent the data obtained through Pandora FMS monitoring modules in Grafana dashboards.

We will talk about this plugin in further detail in an article on our blog, so stay tuned!

More information in our integration library.

release 742 plugin grafana

cURL version update

In release 742, Pandora FMS will be updated to cURL version 7.65.3, so that it supports the HTTPS protocol.


  • Fixed bug that prevented saving a backup task when created from Pandora FMS Discovery.
  • Fixed bug in Pandora FMS HA where slave nodes tried to replicate, delete or update data they already had.
  • Fixed issue in network tools that stopped working when agents had more than one secondary IP.
  • Fixed error where the agent’s event bar showed them randomly.
  • Fixed bug that affected network maps when removing a node.
  • Fixed error in GIS maps, whereby the information window was not displayed when clicking twice on an element.
  • Fixed bug that created empty reports when they were made by means of the SLA-Wizard from the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed bug in the trap console that prevented setting additional filters when any data was changed.
  • Fixed bug in private dashboards that replaced their owner by the last user who had edited the name or the slide elements checkbox options.
  • Fixed problem in the Tree Map services view, whereby the page went into a loading loop when accessing with a standard user with the Enterprise ACLs enabled.
  • Fixed error where, when applying a policy with an SNMP v3 module, the credentials were not set in the module.
  • Fixed issue when creating a plug-in server module with remote_snmp_proc type data through the SNMP Wizard, which executed the modules twice, the selected one and the network server.
  • Fixed bug in the service map widget in the dashboards section when the show legend option was selected.
  • Fixed error when creating a network server type module. If the data type “Remote_ICMP_network_agent, boolean_data” was selected, it was not possible to specify the port.
  • Fixed bug in the Netflow Live View view styles that displaced the dropdown items by clicking on advanced.
  • Fixed bug in alert action creation view that did not allow choosing any other group except for All.
  • Fixed issue where kinship relationships between nodes on a network map disappeared when copied.
  • Fixed error when editing an alert action whose command had line breaks.
  • Fixed bug that prevented sorting report template items using the up/down arrows.
  • Fixed bug in the list of special days.
  • Fixed issue where, if group view was set as home screen, a user with the necessary ACLs permissions could not access it.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in Metaconsole reports: the creation and editing of a general type item that did not show data and configuration fields being missing when adding a Top-N network traffic item. In addition, minor visual enhancements have been made.
  • Fixed issue that prevented removing line type items from visual consoles.
  • Fixed bug in Custom Graphs section, since when a “bullet chart” graph was created, the entities appeared both in the horizontal bar and in some vertical ones.

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