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3.0 is almost here

December 18, 2009

3.0 is almost here

We’re packaging and doing the final test for the long-awaited 3.0 version.

This version will come with full packages for 32, 64 bits in .RPM (CentOS, SUSE) and .DEB (Ubuntu, Debian) versions, plus the .ISO CD install (based on OpenSUSE), and the Vmware and ESX image.

We are packaged also a lot of tools not provided with some RPM systems, we have packaged a total of 12 new packages, so any user should be able to install Pandora without compile or install from  a tarball.
We expect to release Pandora FMS 3 in Christmas, a nice day (my birthday) ;)

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  1. […] Graylog2 was born thanks to Lennart Koopmann in mid-2009, when he decided to create his own software due to the high costs of the monitoring software. According to him, the offer in this sector of open source code was nonexistent, but we assure you that Pandora FMS was in its 3.0 version. […]

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