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José Luis Santamaría


Salvesen is a company dedicated to food logistics in a continuous process of technological transformation. Therefore, we needed to rely on a tool that not only measured technical indicators such as performance, CPU, memory, etc., but that was also based on User Experience and business indicators.

Thanks to Pandora FMS we have achieved it and managed to reduce the operational load of the IT area by 24%, a percentage that was previously dedicated to specific health checks. Consequently, we invested that time in offering better products and services.

Reduced the operational load of the IT area


Toshiba Logo

Antonio Flores

Toshiba Retail Support Manager

Toshiba is a Japanese electronic device manufacturer. We offer complete hardware and software solutions to both retail and hospitality customers.

Our main need was to control the sales kiosks of one of our customers, since they are remote machines that are isolated from the local staff. Therefore, if they stopped working, it was not possible to repair them. So we needed a flexible tool that would allow us to significantly increase our SLA.

With Pandora FMS, we have achieved all of our goals: control remote devices, meet our SLA and make the tool evolve thanks to its after-sales service. It has been conceived as a vital backup when it comes to preventing any issue.



Sr. Yoshinori Nemoto

Group Manager

Rakuten Group, Inc. is dedicated to online services, with over 37,000 stores and more than 88 million items*. We needed a monitoring tool that would easily respond to future service expansions at a reduced cost.

With Pandora FMS it is easy to create a high availability system of better quality than other commercial products.

After evaluating OpenSource product solutions and other commercial options, we concluded that the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) was the Pandora FMS license. We can now control our systems due to the increase in the number of monitored items. Thus, the cost has been reduced by 40%.

*Data from December 2011



shops registering over 88 million items

hughes Logo

Ashutosh Agarwal

National Manager for IDC and MPLS Backbone Services, Hughes

Hughes Network Systems is the leading global provider of broadband satellite networks and services.

Our customers were spread across geographical borders across two gateway locations. We were providing status and usage views to customers using our old system on a Gateway basis. Besides this, providing statistics for 100,000 nodes has always been a challenge for any network management portal.

A challenge that we could manage to overcome thanks to Pandora FMS. The results were amazing and were well acknowledged by our appreciated customers. We are able to provide API access to some of our clients for the integration of the system with their NMS. This helped developing an atmosphere of trust among operating departments. Pandora FMS has proved to be a great product with plenty of features supported by an excellent technical support team.



Ignacio Uría Echevarría

Responsible for IT and Infrastructure Projects

Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, or EMT (the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid), is a company wholly owned by the City Hall of Madrid that manages the different transport lines in the capital. It is one of the largest and most technologically advanced companies in the world.

We needed a monitoring tool that would give us a more reliable control over the status of the hardware, processes and systems, and that could adapt to our growing number of varied systems.

A system like Pandora FMS allows us to monitor multiple parameters from a single console in real time. In addition, it allows to disregard certain systems when programming agents in watchdog mode for processes.





Enrique Suárez Pérez

Administration Manager

Fripozo S. A. is a company that is part of the Spanish holding company Grupo Fuertes. We are dedicated to the production and marketing of deep-frozen foods.

In 2007, we realised we needed to monitor the growing and increasingly heterogeneous server and communication technology park of Fripozo S. A. It was crucial to find out in time about failures and correct them as soon as possible.

Pandora FMS exceeded our expectations and satisfied our needs by carrying out customized developments, such as toner control and automatic orders, clock management, etc. Once the solution was implemented, the results were so good that it became our monitoring program of choice.





Mariano Díaz Valdecantos

Architecture and Operations

Cajasol is a private, not-for-profit, credit institution of a foundational and social nature that focuses its activity on achieving objectives of public interest. Our plant consists of some 250 servers with applications used by a total of 6,000 internal clients and several million clients of the entity. In order to provide fast and effective solutions, we had to reduce the time of issue resolution.

After evaluating different options, Pandora FMS was the one that most adjusted to our expectations. A single interface to access information with different roles, unify monitoring in a single tool, provide real-time information with alerts by email, and save costs considerably.



customized agents


Araceli Ferrer Rodríguez

Cloud Platform Technical Responsible

Meta4 is a company with 1,300 clients in 100 countries that manages over 18 million people worldwide. From our RDI centre, we develop Human Resources applications capable of meeting the local and global needs of all types of organisations.

We needed a monitoring system that would allow us to guarantee the best service possible for our Cloud platforms. We had to implement it in a short span of time and had the possibility of expansion as the need arose.

We chose Pandora FMS because it is easy to implement, maintain and develop, and it can adapt to any need. The results are really positive. We now have a complete system that monitors availability SLAs and that is proactive, anticipating problems and helping to avoid them.





Rik Kay

Security Network Administrator

Conferma is a world-leading provider of Virtual Card Numbers (VCN) and is the main provider of the payment and travel sectors.

Before implementing Pandora FMS, monitoring was an inefficient and time-consuming task. We needed to visualize our data and processes in real time and have preventive alerts for the infrastructure team.

With Pandora FMS we have automated vital performance statistics in real time. It allows our business to monitor custom software and key database information.





James Chivers

Head of Systems

Tuenti was a social network and is now a telephone company that belongs to the Telefónica Group.

We needed scaled alert mechanisms, automatic monitoring of new targets and a platform that would provide us with detailed, real-time information on our production systems.

With Pandora FMS we have achieved objectives like having a fast deployment of checks and new servers, a unified interface for the check maintenance, or a history of execution data and user permissions at different levels.

“It now forms the core of our production infrastructure”.



Manuel Sánchez Vicente

Operation Manager

We are the IT Division of the Ribera Salud Group and our mission is to lead the digital transformation of the health services management model.

We needed a software that would fit in our ITIL-based service model. It was also crucial for us to meet the needs of our users, given the criticality of their hospital environments.

We executed the monitoring migration project to Pandora FMS in record time, only three months. CAU operators now receive the alerts defined as critical by email, and the dashboard is displayed in real time. We can also obtain traffic, disk occupations and memory consumption information, and other types of data.





Luciano Zeni

Coor. of the Dept. of Information Systems

Acre is one of the 26 states that make up the Federative Republic of Brazil. We are a public entity that aims to bring free internet to all the citizens of our state through the project ‘Digital Forest’.

We were looking for a management and control system for large environments because we needed to control all our devices throughout the state: servers, routers, switches, as well as directional and omnidirectional radios.

After trying different tools (Nagios, Zabbix or Zenoss), we discovered that Pandora FMS was the perfect combination to monitor our devices more efficiently. We have been able to visualize conventional network maps with GIS maps, we can intervene more quickly, and we perform analysis of the data obtained through SNMP to assess performance and capacity problems.




Uniway logo

Guillermo Gutiérrez


FLUX ITS is a Mexican company that provides technological integration solutions in automation, control and security for transport, industrial and commercial infrastructure projects for the public and private sectors in Mexico.

In 2009 we implemented the first complete ITS platform in the Libramiento Arco Norte, a high specification road of 223km. A platform of these characteristics requires precise monitoring so we needed a flexible tool to adapt to our needs.

Pandora FMS allows us to monitor the integrated infrastructure with more than 500 devices. Now we are able to quickly detect any anomaly and perform the consequent repair, minimizing downtime.

Monitoring devices

Nazareth Logo

Rob Fredettez

Senior Enterprise & Network Solutions Engineer in IT Services

Nazareth College is a private college in Rochester, New York. Founded in 1924, it offers more than 60 undergraduate degrees and more than 20 graduate programs.

We had two full-time employees overseeing more than 600 network nodes, a daunting task. In addition, we had an automated alert system that provided many false positives in non-critical alert conditions.

Faced with this situation, we needed a system that was economical, easy to set up on new devices, and very flexible. In the end, we opted for Pandora FMS, a product that we can trust 100% in the alerts that we receive.


Madrid Digital Logo

Lorenzo Canales

Head of the Monitoring and Infrastructure Service Support Unit of Madrid Digital

Madrid Digital is the Agency for Digital Administration of Madrid region. Its main objective is to ensure that the needs of computer equipment, communications, applications and security of the different departments and institutions of this public entity are met, in addition to managing and maintaining physical and logical equipment for information management.

What is not measured, does not exist... that is why our main need was precisely to obtain accurate metrics and indicators to manage our technology park with confidence. We needed a permanent strategic vision of our infrastructures and services, since we have a large amount of information systems, applications and technology.

After carrying out several concept tests with different platforms, we chose Pandora FMS, a flexible tool that has managed to integrate our specific needs on a single place and for a reasonable price.



Hassan Kalantari

Founder and General Manager of Uniway

Uniway Technologies is an IT service provider for large companies. We have our own data center in downtown Madrid, where our customers host their most important data.

We had more than four different monitoring tools, some dependent on hardware, others on commercial software support and other generalists, so we needed a tool that brought everything together in one.

Thanks to Pandora FMS, Uniway has managed to save on maintenance costs of different tools, complementary products and the hiring of several technical specialists. In addition, we now have a new and differentiating service for our teams and customers.


Com1 logo

Bas Sanders

CEO at Com1 B.V.

Com1 helps different companies, from IT for Governments, healthcare, education to events/broadcast, to secure connections between all network components, systems, and services.

Our company provides managed services and event IT. We work for customers and projects like Formula1, Port of Rotterdam or Wings for Life World Run (Red Bull Mediahouse). Many monitoring solutions were not flexible enough for our purpose. Every event is different and the setup time is usually very short.

Pandora FMS main features that we appreciate the most are the high flexibility it provides to our networks and system needs and of course the lower amount of time it takes to monitor. The main benefits we obtained: quicker monitoring (time to setup), lower incident resolution times and more flexibility to our different events.


Nuevo Manantial Logo

Diego Mármol Martínez

Global Infrastructure Coordinator

Nuevo Manantial is a company located in South America. Our main purpose is to provide internal services to a group of companies, mainly agro-industrial, with presence in America, Europe and Oceania, reaching a total of more than 60 locations.

We are a very diverse group of companies, so we needed a highly scalable monitoring solution with a price/quality balance. They recommended Pandora FMS and, after a PoC, we decided to trust them to carry out our large-scale monitoring project.

Undoubtedly, the implementation of Pandora FMS has led to an enormous leap in quality of service, which impacts on the satisfaction of the end user and, after all, in the improvement of the business.



Michalis Kamprianis

IT Projects & Applications Manager

We are the world's largest provider of security outsourcing solutions for public, private and corporate clients. It was essential for us to have a monitoring tool that would provide issue alerts and reduce unscheduled service downtimes.

Pandora FMS has given us the opportunity to perform a more intelligent and flexible monitoring, reducing false alarms to a minimum. We are delighted with the support team and fully trust them, as they have never let us down.

+1 500



Mintel Ecuador Logo

Verónica Jácome

Electronic Government Services Development Specialist in Ecuador

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society is the governing body for the development of technologies and communications in Ecuador. Its scope of action ranges from telecommunications or the radioelectric spectrum, to the coordination of activities with actors of strategic sectors to ensure equal access to IT services for Ecuadorian population.

Previously, we had another monitoring tool, but it did not include all the features that we needed. Pandora FMS has become our main monitoring solution, since it provides an user-friendly management and interface, excellent support and a much lower cost compared to its competitors.

Implementation with Pandora FMS was very simple and the results have become clear quickly: now we have a visual monitoring system that allows us to adjust thresholds, implement customized modules and measure services.


hughes Logo

José Luis Delgado Sánchez

CEO of Contel Ingenieros

Contel Ingenieros develops Triple-Play and building automation projects for large malls and the hospitality sector, carrying out consultancies, system provisioning and installation, as well as supporting and maintaining communication networks.

We needed to have information in a proactive way that would allow us to detect the incidences of all of our clients, in addition to being able to offer them better support to help them face any technical difficulty. We tested several tools but none was able to adapt to our different communication technologies -GPON, PoLan, Ethernet, radio communications or LonWorks. Finally, we found Pandora FMS Enterprise.

With Pandora FMS, we have managed to increase our capacity for action and response on networks in multiple geographic locations. We have managed to make an important technological and innovative leap, offering our services in a much more efficient, professional and incident-free manner.

devices and 45,000 network variables

Roberto Peñafiel

Chief Technology Officer of the Cooperative

Cooperativa Financiera Atuntaqui, always at the forefront of the National Cooperative System throughout Ecuador, is a prosperous institution that has been operating since 1963 under the values of honesty, trust, solvency, seriousness and social responsibility. These factors, together with persistence and courage, have earned it a permanent and vertical development, at the same time that they have earned it several recognitions, placing it as one of the largest and most solid cooperatives of the Ecuadorian country.

monitoring capacity

MCM Telecom is a Mexican company that, since 1996, has built one of the most sophisticated telecommunications networks in all of Mexico. All their services operate over said fiber optic network, and their architecture has allowed them to offer quality services over the market average, in a flexible and scalable way. They offer high-performance solutions, exclusive for companies and national and international telecommunications operators.

They are known all over the world for being a different telecommunications operator and for being always one step ahead in the market, given their continuous innovation. They are disciplined when working by exceeding the expectations that their clients have placed on them, by acting with great conviction and responsibility until they reach their goals, and they are distinguished by their perseverance and search for new opportunities.

CANVIA is a company that, for more than 35 years, has been leading the innovation and digital transformation processes in organizations in different sectors of Peru. In addition, they are part of the portfolio of Advent International, one of the largest private equity funds in the world.
Their purpose is simple: to make people’s lives easier, innovating and implementing the digital transformation projects of their clients safely and in an agile way with specific business results.