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Improve service quality implementing a remote monitoring system

INCAE Business School is a world-class business school devoted to the research, teaching and dissemination of concepts and techniques that strengthen the capabilities of integrative thinking and innovation regarding economic, social and political phenomena. In addition, they focus on promoting understanding, dialogue and cooperation between people, sectors and countries.


CHALLENGE: find a good monitoring tool

They were having a hard time due to the possibility of problems or failures going unnoticed in their critical infrastructure and affecting business efficiency and continuity. Implementing an effective and efficient monitoring system to monitor critical devices and systems outside of a company’s physical premises can be a significant challenge, but, after a thorough search, they found an option that suited their needs.

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They discovered Pandora FMS, an Open Source monitoring software that caught their attention for its ability to monitor bandwidth, database engines, and network computer performance.

One of the features that made Pandora FMS stand out above other options was its Open version, which could be upgraded to Enterprise without the need for a re-implementation. In addition, the INCAE team valued the ease of use of the platform and the customization possibilities it offered to suit their specific needs.

Implementation was quick and smooth, and Pandora FMS support team was available to answer any questions or issues that arose.


INCAE has been able to monitor its IT infrastructure effectively and efficiently. Pandora FMS has given them the ability to make strategic decisions and reduce the costs of their IT infrastructure.

Monitoring bandwidth and database engines has been particularly beneficial, allowing them to quickly detect and solve network bottlenecks.

The stage of system implementation on the servers was not without some challenges, since it was necessary to upload the virtual machine on premises to the cloud, which involved a considerable technical effort.


But despite these challenges, the INCAE Business School team, together with Pandora FMS support team, managed to successfully complete the implementation and began monitoring their network, starting with 300 devices, including perimeter firewall systems, web systems and server ports. In addition, they also monitor the bandwidth of their two main main offices.

“Whereas before, it could take days for the team to discover a problem, alerts are instantaneous with Pandora FMS. We have reduced incident response time by 200%, which has improved problem-solving efficiency by 40% and minimized the negative impact on our systems and services.”

Marlon Castro, Lead Infrastructure Engineer at INCAE


Thanks to Pandora FMS, INCAE Business School has improved its ability to detect and solve problems in its critical infrastructure more quickly and effectively. This is because Pandora FMS notifies the institution’s IT team in real time of any issues that arise on the systems being monitored. The institution’s IT team can now rest with peace of mind knowing that, should something go wrong with their systems, Pandora FMS will notify them immediately.

The successful implementation of the remote monitoring system has had a significant impact on the company, improving both the efficiency and reliability of its critical infrastructure and the quality of service offered to its customers.


By being able to quickly detect and solve any issues or failures in critical infrastructure, the company has avoided service outages and ensured an exceptional experience for its users. The improvement in the quality of service has helped to strengthen customer relationships and improve the company’s position in the market.

“If you’re looking for a reliable solution to monitor your IT infrastructure and optimize your costs, I recommend trying out Pandora FMS”

Infrastructure team

This tool has proven to be highly effective in identifying bottlenecks and solving problems in real time, which has allowed the institution to significantly improve the quality of its services.

“Also, if you’re new to Pandora FMS, the Open version is a great way to get started and see for yourself the benefits it offers. Once you get the hang of the Open version, you can easily migrate to the Enterprise version and unlock even more advanced features.”

Marlon Castro, Lead Infrastructure Engineer at INCAE

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