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Data Pandora
Data Pandora

MCM Telecom is a Mexican company that, since 1996, has built one of the most sophisticated telecommunications networks in Mexico. All its services operate over this fiber optic network, and its architecture has allowed them to offer quality services well above the market average, in a flexible and scalable way. They offer high performance solutions, exclusively for companies and national and international telecommunications operators.


MCM Telecom is a different kind of telecommunications operator that is always one step ahead in the market due to its continuous innovation. It works with discipline to exceed the expectations placed on it by its customers, to act with conviction and responsibility until it reaches its goals, and is distinguished by its perseverance and search for new opportunities.

It is a large company that provides solutions in storage, voice and data for the business environment within the most important cities nationwide, has several metropolitan networks that are interconnected by multiple long distance links, in addition to having a data center for storage and DRP services for all its customers.

It is constantly growing and adding new solutions to its portfolio of services. In these cases, enjoying a reliable network, with a high percentage of availability, is a key factor that makes the difference.

It was therefore essential to find a tool for the management of these resources, which had to be versatile enough to adapt to the speed of this growth and malleable enough to be integrated with the different platforms operating within the organization.


In order to avoid a bad perception of MCM Telecom by the clients, it was proposed to look for a new monitoring system, since the different platforms were being overtaken by the constant growth of the number of devices that integrate its network.


One of the biggest challenges for companies that provide technological services is to deliver quality services while committing to high SLA percentages.

This makes it necessary to have the optimal tools for this objective to be met. Otherwise, multiple failures can occur in the network, where the risk ranges from increasing the time required to solve problems reported by our customers to the complete loss of network management.

“We wanted this new solution to help us integrate process automation. A more proactive and efficient management of the different events that occur within our infrastructure.”

Armando Hernández, Network Operations Center Manager at MCM Telecom

“Our main objective was to have a monitoring software that we could customize according to our day-to-day needs and that also had the flexibility to create dashboards with Voice and Data information.”

Armando Hernández, Network Operations Center Manager at MCM Telecom

It was also essential that it could be integrated with our ticketing system. Also, the implementation should be fast and efficient despite being remote due to the geographic location. And so it was.

Finally, the feasibility to migrate the devices to Pandora FMS and the ease to integrate platforms thanks to the different programming scripts, made MCM Telecom contact us.


MCM Telecom has managed to combine Pandora FMS with other platforms in a transparent way, which has meant a better management of its resources, minimizing the possibility of the always potentially present human error.

Pandora FMS currently monitors around 4000 devices for MCM Telecom, among which we find servers, switches, routers and different network equipment.

And although these constitute the majority of the equipment under management, there is also the necessary infrastructure to provide voice services, running under applications implemented in different operating systems.

Linux-based applications will also be monitored by the Pandora FMS platform. In addition to various virtualization tools such as VMWare and Oracle Virtual Manager.


Along with all these small details, we should mention the integrations. For example, the integration with Zendesk, a failure event management tool, both for equipment within the MCM network and equipment connected to strategic customer locations; the integration with ServiceNow for the management of logical and physical resources of the MCM network, which has worked so well; and the integration of the elaboration of audits on existing resources in the MCM network, which has lightened the process.


Now the information is easier to consult and can be obtained directly from the resources that are already under the management of the platform.

In addition, thanks to Pandora FMS it has been possible to detect and report more than 2,000 incidents in the network, since its implementation until today, allowing an immediate response to any situation.


We have been able to reduce response times to any failure event. This is mainly due to the fact that, thanks to Pandora FMS, we have been able to automate the response to critical events of our strategic clients, which has allowed us to have better reactive response times. This has undoubtedly resulted in a better perception on the part of our customers.

We have also eliminated critical events within the network thanks to improvements in processes and resource management.And audits for resource validation are now performed in a more agile way and with more reliable data.

From now on, MCM Telecom will embark on the path to be able to provide multitenant support for self-provisioning of services with the flexibility and versatility of Pandora FMS.

“To date, we have been able to count on the support area of Pandora FMS at all times, with quick response to our requests and always giving us support to clarify doubts in case of any inconvenience that may have arisen.”

Armando Hernández, Network Operations Center Manager at MCM Telecom

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