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Monte de Piedad and Caja de Ahorros San Fernando of Guadalajara, Huelva, Jerez and Sevilla, CAJASOL, is a non-profit private credit institution of a foundational and social nature, which focuses its activity on the achievement of public interest purposes.



Our plant consists of about 250 servers with applications used by a total of 6000 internal customers and several million customers of the entity and we need to reduce incident resolution times, for which we need a system that warns us even before the user notices it and that also narrows the problem, so that we can find a solution sooner.


We started with two other systems, also open source, each covering a different task. The first, with agents installed on remote servers, provided information on system resources.

The second, with no agents installed, provided information on the services that were available based on port checks, SQL queries and other scripts designed specifically for this purpose.

In order to leave only one of these systems and meet our requirements, it was necessary to make many adaptations. The agent had to run on different architectures (AIX, Linux and Windows) and not consume many resources.

“Pandora FMS already had all the required functionalities built in and it also had a very user-friendly console. In addition to its great compatibility for different checking methods.”

Mariano Díaz Valdecantos. Architecture and Operations


We needed a system that had a very large production plant available, in which different architectures and applications coexisted, which must be controlled, transparent and proactive.

We evaluated other alternatives, both proprietary and open source systems, and Pandora FMS was the one that best met our expectations.


In the implementation of the Project we have counted with the collaboration of El Sendero, official partner of Pandora FMS, developing an implementation that included:

check  Graphic customization of the tool and its integration with the corporate image of the entity.
check  Control consoles for operators and administrators, with limited access to common operations according to each profile.
check  The implementation and configuration of some 240 customized agents among data services, network monitoring, storage services, web applications, etc.
check  The definition of alert thresholds.
check  The development of user and administration documentation for the tool.
check  A training plan based on face-to-face sessions for users, operators and system administrators.


check  Single interface to access information with different roles.
check  Unify monitoring in a single tool.
check  Easy installation of the agent and automatic registration in the console.
check  Real-time information on alerts via e-mail.
check  Convenient access to historical data.
check  Possibility of creating visual consoles easily.
check  Checks of the CICs of our HOST.
check  Backup checks through BRS.
check  Possibility of defining module-dependent services through weights.

“In addition to all this, a system like Pandora FMS allows us to save costs compared to similar solutions.”

Mariano Díaz Valdecantos. Architecture and Operations

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