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Salvesen Logística was established in 1996 as a logistics operator when it began to provide its services to a food manufacturer that contracted the total outsourcing of its logistics in Valencia, in the town of Aldaya. Salvesen Logística is in the process of technological transformation in a highly competitive sector, where the commercial margin is very small and where the business itself demands maximum efficiency while doing more with less.


Salvesen Logística is growing its client portfolio and its infrastructures, and currently has 18 logistics bases with 117,000 m2 of storage and some 780,000 m3 of refrigerated capacity throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

In terms of transport, it operates with some 840 long distance trailers and more than 700 vehicles for capillary distribution with a network of 49 correspondents, providing daily coverage to some 52,000 delivery points. Salvesen Logística is 50% owned by DANONE and XPO LOGISTICS. The year 2015 closed with a turnover of over €145,000 and an average workforce of 800 employees.

Among its customers are leading brands in the food sector, both manufacturers and mass-market distributors, as well as and catering companies, which with different operations demonstrate that Salvesen guarantees all types of integrated solutions for the food chain.



Following the path of transformation, from IT we have spent a year promoting management methodologies based on ITIL standards at the process level, SCRUM methodologies at the level of software creation and development for our customers and AECOC to achieve international standards at the logistics and communication level with our customers.

This strategy made us look for a tool that would not only measure technical indicators such as performance, CPU, memory, etc.; but that, from the beginning, would bet on intelligence based on User Experience and business indicators.

“With Pandora FMS we have been able to implement very quickly a transactional business monitoring.”

José Luis Santamaría, CTO at Salvesen

It is also very important for us to keep an exhaustive control of the quality of our Global IT Services to our employees and customers.


Thanks to the User Experience implemented with Pandora FMS, we have probes programmed to emulate the behavior of a user and that every few minutes transactions are performed on probes programmed to emulate the behavior of a user and that every few minutes perform transactions on the main Global IT Services that we offer to our users. This allows us to always address the problem before it leads to major consequences.

“These robots take times and if there are deviations they generate alarms that are duly attended by specialized technicians in our SAU (Salvesen Logistica User Help Desk) area 24×7. This allows us to always get to the root of the problem before it has major consequences.”

José Luis Santamaría, CTO at Salvesen

Another contribution of Pandora FMS, which has been fundamental for us, is the monitoring of the main business KPIs. For a Logistics and Transportation company, the most important milestones are the communication with its customers (Orders, Receipts, etc.).


With Pandora FMS we have been able to implement very quickly a transactional business monitoring, reproducing the complete cycle through which a message goes through, from the moment it leaves the customer, until it arrives in our mailbox (Office 365, EDI, AS2, FTP, etc.).

We also integrate Pandora FMS into our WMS (Warehouse Management Service) and even transmit it to our TMS (Transport Management System).


Pandora FMS has helped us enormously in several aspects:

check Early alarms and proactivity management: this allows us to detect defects at all levels long before it directly affects our operations, which gives us enough reaction time to attack the problem and implement an automatic communication system with the employee or customer through template-based alarms (via email or sms).

check  SLA Management: which gives us exhaustive control of the quality of our Global IT Services focused on our employees and customers. We measure their availability, and can now provide an executive report to the management committee and top management of the company. Thanks to SLA management, we have all the information we need to negotiate a contract renewal with a supplier, etc.

check  Reduction of the operational load: thanks to Pandora FMS we have reduced by 24% the operational load of the IT area, which was previously dedicated to specific health checks, and we can now invest that time in offering better products and services to the business.

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