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Cooperativa Financiera Atuntaqui, always at the forefront of the National Cooperative System throughout Ecuador, is a prosperous institution that has been operating since 1963 under the values of honesty, trust, solvency, seriousness and social responsibility. These factors, together with persistence and courage, have earned it a permanent and vertical development, at the same time that they have earned it several recognitions, placing it as one of the largest and most solid cooperatives of the Ecuadorian country.


PROBLEM: finding a good monitoring tool

Atuntaqui is synonymous with well-being and development for its clients thanks to its ability to provide agile, timely and socially responsible financial services.

However, its integrity, efficiency and quality of service recently encountered a major stumbling block. The cooperative found itself in need of a tool efficient enough to centralize the monitoring of the institution’s technological infrastructure.

Until now, this monitoring was carried out by several mechanisms at the same time, suddenly complicating the tracking of equipment and services in the IT area.

“The greatest danger feared at those crucial moments was that several of the cooperative’s main equipment would suddenly collapse, without having had a prior warning to respond to the emergency, resulting in the unavailability of the service and, consequently, in the discomfort of members and customers.”

Roberto Peñafiel, Cooperative Technology Director


The company already had a monitoring system, but it was mainly used for communication links and did not have the necessary functionalities to monitor the entire infrastructure.

The plan was to centralize everything through a tool that would integrate all their equipment and allow them to manage their resources efficiently.As well as having online and historical data on the status of the equipment, to prevent possible failures and execute the necessary activities to solve any detected inconvenience.

“We chose Pandora FMS because of the amount of functionalities and integrations that the solution has to monitor several types of equipment and services, as well as the licensing mode per equipment and not per monitor.”

Roberto Peñafiel, Cooperative Technology Director


Pandora FMS proved once again to be a robust software, which integrates with a wide variety of equipment, 100% customizable to the client’s needs, and with all its functionalities meeting all kinds of expectations.

Although during the implementation of Pandora FMS we encountered the challenge of configuring the monitoring agent on computers with operating systems other than the conventional ones (Windows and Linux), there was no major problem.


Atuntaqui was soon enjoying the expected benefits: a substantial increase in the productivity of the monitoring personnel, since real-time information on the behavior of the resources was available.

“Atuntaqui ensures the 24/7 operation of 100% of its partners’ and customers’ transactions by integrating Pandora FMS with Solaris and Sybase.”

Roberto Peñafiel, Cooperative Technology Director


Reduction of incidents and risks thanks to the new information provided. Reduced costs, since incident prevention does not incur additional expenses…

Pandora FMS proved once again to be a robust software, which integrates with a wide variety of equipment, 100% customizable to the client’s needs, and with all its functionalities meeting all kinds of expectations.

The users who have benefited the most from the arrival of Pandora FMS to the company have been partners and customers, since they now have a wide range of services (ATM’s, Cooperativa Móvil, POS payments, transfers, etc.) available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Likewise, internal users also benefit because the availability of the systems allows them to provide a better service to our members and consumers.

Atuntaqui shared with us that his next challenge is to deepen in all the functionalities that Pandora FMS tool has, in order to improve its monitoring and incorporate new resources when possible.For our part, we just have to work hard and consolidate our bond, because as that phrase from that famous movie said, just before the fade to black, we feel that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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