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Gained control of your equipment and reduced costs by 70% with Pandora FMS

CANVIA has been a leading company for more than 35 years in innovation and digital transformation processes in organizations in various sectors in Peru. It is also part of the portfolio of Advent International, one of the largest private equity funds in the world.



Its purpose is simple: to make people’s lives easier, innovating and implementing its clients’ digital transformation projects in an agile and secure way, with concrete business results.

To this end, they bring together a broad portfolio of solutions and services that are integrated with the most advanced technologies such as Cybersecurity, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, among others.

All this with the aim of accompanying its customers on the road to digital transformation.


Given the high prospects associated with their services, the level at which they work and the responsibility they present to their customers, CANVIA needed to find a tool that would allow them to have control of the extensive inventory of their equipment, especially one that had a good management of alerts.

“We did an exhaustive search in the market and, yes, at Canvia we have had other monitoring software, but they did not meet our expectations, finally it was Pandora FMS and its simple handling at the administration level that won us over.”

Julia Donayre Escajadillo,
Technology Services Supervisor


“We started with the Community version, and at the beginning, due to lack of experience with the tool, we had several problems with the configuration. We had no support and had to rely on information from the community forums. But when we acquired the Enterprise version, everything flowed easily and quickly.”

Julia Donayre Escajadillo,
Technology Services Supervisor

And not only the intuitive handling of the tool was decisive, its Linux-based solution, the practical scalability and the freedom to create modules, were essential features for CANVIA to decide for Pandora FMS, among all the monitoring tools on the market.

Now CANVIA and its infrastructure monitor with Pandora FMS more than 3000 equipments, among which we find: servers, communication equipments, logs, systems based on APP/ BD, SAP, VMWare and other inventory, finally unified and monitored by the company thanks to a single software.

“Pandora FMS allows monitoring multiple platforms, monitoring and execution of specific scripts for some customers, and it has allowed us to offer an efficient tool between cost and benefit […] not to mention its licensing format and support in our language, which is the best, they are always there to help us in some configurations that do not come by default.”

Julia Donayre Escajadillo, Technology Services Supervisor

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