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FLUX ITS is a Mexican company that provides technological integration solutions in automation, control and security for transportation, industrial and commercial infrastructure projects for the public and private sectors in Mexico.


We have more than 15 years in the industry developing technology integration projects, which has given us the experience and knowledge to serve our customers better every day. We value the human factor as the most important factor for our operation and development.

Throughout these years we have successfully implemented a multitude of projects involving tolling, electronic tolling and ITS systems, such as the Coatzacoalcos tunnel, the Ciudad Obregón Beltway, the Libramiento Arco Norte Beltway, the North Pacific System, the Guadalajara – Colima Highway, the Toluca Bicentennial Beltway, the La Venta – Chamapa Beltway and the SSCV border vehicle supervision and control system, among others.


Mexico’s first intelligent highway:

In 2009 we inaugurated the “First Intelligent Highway in Mexico” which has several toll and electronic toll subsystems, security and control systems such as video surveillance, traffic monitoring, SOS emergency communication, variable information signals, etc.

This highway that borders the Federal District has a final length of 223 kilometers, connecting the four states of Puebla, Estado de México, Hidalgo and Tlaxcala.

The track is called intelligent because of the installation of a complex fiber optic network, capable of transmitting data in real time to the command center.

Among other subsystems, it has more than 150 cameras, traffic and speed sensors, weather stations, SOS emergency telephony, interactive kiosks and Internet access.

“The process was much simpler than we expected as the Pandora FMS support team was there at all times to assist us with whatever we needed. The deployment was done in a short time and there were no incidents at all.”

Guillermo Gutiérrez, General Manager of FLUX ITS


The implementation of a monitoring system was a unanimous decision of the entire team, as we were going to carry out one of the most important projects on Mexico’s highways, and we needed reliability, safety and prevention.


We were looking for a tool that would unify all our systems, in an automated way and without the need for extensive travel.

What concerned us most when it came to meeting our monitoring needs was the compatibility with all types of devices and the implementation process, since we had a multitude of elements.

We conducted a market study and finally we chose Pandora FMS because of the facilities provided by the company, the language, the direct treatment and the support.


check  Pandora FMS allows us to monitor the integrated infrastructure with more than 500 devices.

check Now we are able to quickly detect any anomaly and perform the consequent repair, minimizing downtime.

check We have managed to save human resources time for preventive work.

check What used to take several days to repair, we now achieve in a few hours, reducing our SLA by more than 50%.

check The highway coordinators have reduced the time of their revisions by half an hour.

“Pandora FMS gives us robustness, availability and ease of integration. It is an easy-to-use tool and with it we have been able to cover all our needs to automate the first intelligent highway in Mexico.”

Guillermo Gutiérrez, General Manager of FLUX ITS

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