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Hughes India is a subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite networks and services. It is the largest operator of such services in the country and offers a wide range of broadband network technologies, solutions and services for businesses and governments, including managed services to address communications challenges.


For more than two decades, Hughes has been increasingly working to connect people, businesses and communities, bridging the digital divide and contributing to disaster prevention and recovery.

A pioneer in satellite connectivity operations, Hughes provides advanced solutions and enterprise offerings for both public administrations and businesses.

Hughes is present in all key vertical markets, including banking, education, energy, defense, telecommunications and retail, and addresses the connectivity needs of multiple government departments.

Hughes India has a large customer base and over 100,000 active VSAT nodes across the country. Our customers span across geographic boundaries in various hub locations. We provided status and usage views to our customers, who used our old control panel on a gateway-by-gateway basis.


“Hughes India works with multiple technologies at the same time, so we needed a monitoring tool that could unify everything into a single view, like Pandora FMS.”

Ashutosh Agarwal, Country Manager, IDC and MPLS Backbone Services, Hughes


Since customers had been using the same dashboard for many years, we felt the need to rebrand our Network Management Portal to update our user dashboards.

We also wanted to have a common control dashboard for the nodes distributed in different gateway locations. In addition to this, providing statistics for 100,000 nodes has always been a challenge for any Network Management Portal.


And if that wasn’t enough, Hughes India had embarked on a project to provide MPLS solutions to its customers.

Initially, we started with the HP NNMi solution with the SIP gateway. Later, we added some open source solutions on a customer basis. The solutions were fine at the time they were implemented, but as time went by and the network evolved, they became unviable, as they needed a good overhaul.

In addition, we started to operate with multiple NMS systems with different needs, so we saw it as a priority to change the control panels of the network management solution. We had multiple technologies and solutions to take care of, so we decided at once to move forward with a common platform for all our customers. And we found Pandora FMS.

“The main reasons for choosing Pandora FMS were the upgraded custom dashboard view, distributed monitoring, the ability to support over 100,000 nodes, and the long-term support of the product.”

Ashutosh Agarwal, National Director of IDC and MPLS Backbone Services, Hughes


We were initially impressed with the features available in Pandora FMS, especially the ability to monitor devices on a distributed platform, providing common dashboards for customers and, of course, the ability to support over 100,000 nodes. Without a doubt, we had made the right choice.

We currently monitor VSAT nodes belonging to different customer networks, components of the Hughes satellite network infrastructure and Hughes MPLS infrastructure devices such as servers, databases and switches.

Our main challenge was to match the initial configuration to our needs. Thanks to the support and after-sales team, we were able to change the configuration to be able to monitor VSAT devices.


“IInternally, it is much easier for our engineering team to focus on one technology to monitor the network rather than having multiple NMS systems. Pandora FMS centralized monitoring has become essential.”

Ashutosh Agarwal, National Director of IDC and MPLS Backbone Services, Hughes


Pandora FMS has exceeded all our expectations.

We have been able to provide them in updated and centralized dashboard for all VSAT nodes distributed across satellite networks and MPLS infrastructure.

As a result we were able to update our dashboards, monitor thousands of nodes and applications, increase our productivity and improve our processes in a way we could not even imagine.

We were able to design a control panel for customers according to their viewing preferences.

The results have been amazing and recognized by our customers. We are able to meet the customer’s expectations in terms of control panels and centralized monitoring.

We were able to provide API access to some of our customers in order to integrate the system with their NMS. This has contributed to create an environment of trust between the departments in charge of the operation.

Pandora FMS has proven to be a great product, with many features backed by an excellent technical support team.

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