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IPLAN is a leading company in the provision of telecommunications and technology services in the main cities of Argentina. Its work begins with its foundation in 1999 by George Stewart, Daniel Nofal and Pablo Saubidet, accompanying hundreds of customers, bringing them proposals tailored to their needs, to travel the long road to digital transformation.


Among its many achievements we find the construction of the most modern data center in the City of Buenos Aires and one of the most complete portfolios of IT solutions in Latin America, with cloud services to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of medium and large companies.


Internationally, they have strategic interconnection points (Latam, Brazil, Miami…) that allow them to have a global presence and offer high performance connectivity services on a worldwide scale.

However, as Maxi Tofani, member of the engineering team and monitoring reference at IPLAN, tells us, the rapid evolution of new technologies has changed the way the company works and interacts. They have had to adapt, nimbly, to the new airs of digital transformation to remain competitive.

“We considered it essential to have a monitoring solution that was up to date, adaptable, scalable and with support that would adapt to our evolution process.”

Maxi Tofani – Engineering / IPLAN Monitoring Referent


he Argentinean company has more than 3000 devices between network equipment, infrastructure and DC servers.

Given the immediate need to renew systems, work structures and platforms, IPLAN decided to undertake, with enthusiasm, the evolution process.

Among the strategic challenges of the company to take the step towards its transformation, we find the need to generate a high degree of automation, greater cross-area visibility of information, and the fact of knowing the state of health of the IPLAN infrastructure, generating a proactive vision, in an ecosystem of platforms that collaborate with each other, being Pandora FMS one of the main participants.

“The integration of the latest technologies in all areas of a company is essential to change the way it functions, in a proactive, flexible and efficient way. The entry of Pandora FMS in IPLAN played a more than important role within that process, as it was one of the first critical projects to be successfully implemented.”

Maxi Tofani – Engineering / IPLAN Monitoring Referent


The Pandora FMS implementation process was simple. The partner SITS soluciones, an official local partner, pleasantly accompanied us in the deployment stage, which lasted approximately eight weeks, with great predisposition on the part of their team.

We achieved the objectives we had set for that stage, and we are currently in contact, continuously exchanging knowledge and feedback for future interactions with Pandora FMS.

“Within our ecosystem coexist all kinds of applications and platforms related to the network, telephony, virtualization, orchestration, BI, AutoProvisioning, among others. It is a great monitoring challenge.”

Maxi Tofani – Engineering / IPLAN Monitoring Referent

The technical support offered by the Pandora FMS technical team was also indispensable. They were always attentive in the resolution, queries and suggestions that were extended to them, responding with good predisposition and treatment.


Pandora FMS offers a wide set of functionalities with great flexibility, generating an environment in which users can easily add value to the monitoring of their platforms and infrastructure. In addition, we were confident in its ability to connect all the “actors” of the transformation we were going through.


“The benefits of implementing Pandora FMS in IPLAN have been many. Our infrastructure area manager, for example, has managed, with minimal effort, to cover almost all of his DataCenter equipment within Pandora FMS.”

Maxi Tofani – Engineering / IPLAN Monitoring Referent

Thanks to Pandora FMS, IPLAN now has historical reports that allow them to know the availability of platforms and measure SLA and impact, which is very useful for technical and customer-related areas.

In addition, they are already seeing a notable improvement in the detection of failures and incidents, which reduces troubleshooting times in events.

They have also regained the ability to have equipment performance data for diagnostics and monitoring, as well as capacity planning.

This means that even without having a background strictly oriented to programming or development, users in general can, by their own means, add value to the tool by creating visual consoles, dashboards and reports with a friendly learning curve.

IPLAN is currently moving decisively towards an automation scheme on several fronts, both in AutoProvisioning, Calidad, Service Delivery, y Customer Experience. For this, they know that it is extremely necessary to build an observability and monitoring ecosystem, understanding the role that Pandora FMS plays, since it must accompany this change by adopting new technologies, incorporating AI/MLearning and making processes and the time of those involved more efficient.

“In addition, regarding UX monitoring, – emphasizes Maxi – we are paying special attention to the world of APM (Application Performance Monitoring) given the obvious benefits it brings. Proactive detection of failures, improvement in the end-user experience, reduction of downtimes…”

Maxi Tofani – Engineering / IPLAN Monitoring Referent

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