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Meta4, with 1,300 clients in 100 countries, manages more than 18 million people worldwide. From its R&D center located in Spain (Madrid), Meta4 develops Human Resources applications capable of meeting the local and global needs of all types of organizations.


Meta4 Cloud solutions provide HR professionals with the most innovative technology with the best user experience to manage the complete cycle of their employees, from Payroll and Personnel Administration to Global Talent Management.

An integrated solution that leverages the advantages of the cloud to respond to all Human Capital management challenges, increasing productivity and efficiency of companies.


“We studied different monitoring systems taking into account our initial requirements, in that study we could appreciate that most of the existing monitoring software in the market is oriented to a systems department.”

Araceli Ferrer Rodríguez. Meta4 Cloud Platform Technical Manager

We needed a monitoring system that would allow us to guarantee the service levels committed to our clients for our Cloud platforms.

We had to be able to implement it in a short period of time and with the possibility of expanding it as the need arose.


Our requirements were even greater, we needed something that could be molded to suit our particular needs, with a special importance in the business, not only in the infrastructure.

Pandora FMS, stood out for being a robust and global solution, in which it was not necessary to install extra modules, it has everything integrated, historical storage, graph management, incident and event management, in short, it allowed us to integrate with our internal processes.

We chose Pandora FMS because of its ease of implementation, maintenance and development as well as its versatility to adapt to any need.



The results of the implementation are really positive, we have a complete monitoring system that not only ensures the availability SLAs but is also proactive, anticipating problems and therefore helping to avoid them or shorten the time to solve them.


On the other hand, it is a live system to which we add different modules that allow us to complete the information we need at all times to improve the service offered to our platform’s customers in aspects such as availability, performance, sizing, historical data study, obtaining reports…



“Today we can say that Pandora FMS has a great relevance within our organization and is a fundamental piece of our Cloud platforms. It even has its own jargon, within our organization you can hear phrases like what if we Pandora this need?”

Araceli Ferrer Rodríguez. Meta4 Cloud Platform Technical Manager

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