Every change is for the better and we give you ten reasons to change your monitoring software.

Cuando se habla de cambiar de software, no sé por qué, me viene a la mente la compra de música. Bueno, yo soy de los de antes: vinilos, cassettes, a principios de siglo los CD y DVD… Claro, ahora es diferente, actualmente existe el pago por suscripción, que reproduce en línea, y donde generalmente se ofrece el álbum de turno o paquetes completos con muchas estrellas musicales…

We could start right there, highlighting the difference between “the cloud and the earth”, running software on the Internet versus having one on your own physical servers. Both have their costs, we know. In fact, we already gave detailed information in another article on the subject. Because before talking about changing your monitoring software we must start there, the money. That’s the reason why you will have to take into account several factors, so let’s go for pencil and paper (virtual) and let’s start numbering!

1) Pandora FMS offers several forms of installation and download, as well as modes of operation. That is one reason to consider switching monitoring software. This mechanism allows you to grow, and, if necessary, reinstall at any time. You don’t have to buy a whole package either: in Pandora FMS you start by installing the Community version and as you see the benefits for yourself, you can move on to installing and testing the Enterprise version, without obligations or hassle. There you will always have the installers, both online and offline, as many times as you need them.

2) Do you have a feature in mind that cannot be found in any monitoring software? Don’t be embarrassed, it happens. I, at the very least, am very picky about how to insert text and data into text or number boxes. When you focus on them, I like for the text to be selected in a specific color, for example. And don’t even let me begin on entering numerical amounts or phone numbers.

And Pandora FMS does not have exactly that requirement either… However, you just have to go through the Community version that is open source and through its forum to get the help you need to develop the idea.

Better yet, you may have already been successful but now you want a more ambitious and highly customized improvement for your company: try the Enterprise version, where they will give you professional advice and offer you extraordinary improvement plans tailored to your needs. After all, only you know what is best for your company and what it needs. An exactly tailored suit or smehting ready-to-wear ? You choose!

3) With Pandora FMS you will be able to monitor at first remotely, without interfering much in your work processes, continue with an advanced remote configuration and, if everything goes smoothly, advance to monitoring with Software Agents, which are installed on each device. While you change -and advance- Pandora FMS has already outlined the path until (for now) June 2023. Exploring and changing monitoring software can be done before it’s necessary, even if it’s late.

4) Using great monitoring software, widely used worldwide and also used by large corporations, is not a guarantee of good security. I invite you to read about the case that took many headlines in the press, social networks, radio and television. Take this chance to have a coffee and take a deep breath to come back, there are still six reasons to change your monitoring software.

5) Because you don’t believe in magic wands. Neither do I, and in Pandora FMS that is very clear for them. Each client has a different problem and it is necessary to adapt to each particular case. But it will not be by magic, you have to invest time and effort, and in that domain Pandora FMS offers decades of proven experience.

6) Because “we just know that we do not know anything”. Without the aim to go in depth into the philosophical field, we must always pay attention to constant learning. Perhaps the documentation of your software is quite poor and it would be a good time to change it. Pandora FMS has forums of users of the Community version, documentation, tutorials and this blog that you are reading today. With all of them you can learn at your own pace, but if you want or rather need a push – certification included – check out our training in monitoring. Psst, with the Enterprise license this last one is included, don’t miss the chance!

7) Another reason to change your monitoring software is indeed not to change anything! Perhaps you simply need a monitoring contingency plan or an alternative of audit or measurement of result comparison. For example, I am a client of DigitalOcean, a company that provides virtual computers and that has both monitoring processes (Software Agent type) in each droplet (virtual machine), as well as at large-scale with Prometheus in its hypervisors. However, remote checks and Pandora FMS Software Agents are more useful for me, which also helps me verify information. It is not that I don’t trust the monitoring software implemented by my own provider, but rather you must always have different options, see the full horizon to be able to choose the way forward.

8) Because two are better than one: eHorus is a remote access program that can later be integrated with Pandora FMS. EHorus remote access software can be integrated into Pandora FMS, so you may combine computer – or client – monitoring, find out the bandwidth consumption of your network, the software installed on your PC, see logs and events and connect to the computers you need from the monitoring console itself. Test without commitment nor cost for up to 10 devices.

9) Because three is better than one. We add another reason to change your monitoring software, Pandora ITSM Fully compatible and integrated with Pandora FMS. Pandora ITSM incorporates your forms for clients in your own Web, feeding Pandora ITSM directly through API. In addition you will have access to lots of articles, downloadable files, multi language, categorized and with access control to manage incidences. Monitor changes and performances on your machines with Pandora FMS agents!

10) Is the “billiard ball” with the number ten missing? You yourself can add the tenth reason to change your monitoring software. Tell us about your experience with other software, you can leave your comments below, visit our channel at YouTube, Linkedin or Twitter.

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