• 30% Better TCO

    Save money on operations costs and unify your monitoring in one tool

  • On-premise monitoring software

    We can replace anything you have now and increase functionality for a fraction of your current costs

  • Unified monitoring

    Enables direct IT cost savings through consolidation of multiple monitoring solutions


    Because we adapt to your business, not the other way around

Pandora FMS Enterprise

Stop spending precious time and resources on complex, silo’d monitoring systems that are poorly integrated.

Pandora FMS is an elegant and modern system that solves real-world problems quickly. It’s an all-in-one package offering modern and flexible IT monitoring, replacing the need for multiple, difficult-to-integrate, and more costly monitoring systems.

Proud to have customers like these

"We evaluated Open Source and also Enterprise products. We concluded that the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Pandora FMS´s license was the best. The cost has been reduced by 40% over the current software used"
Mr. Yoshinori Nemoto Head of Operations and Shared infrastructure development groups, Rakuten
“We opted for Pandora FMS because of its ease of implementation, maintenance and development as well as its versatility to adapt to any needs. Pandora FMS stood out for being a robust and global solution.”.
Araceli Ferrer Technical Manager, Cloud Platform, Meta4
“We trust in Pandora FMS and it hasn't disappointed us yet.”.
Mr. Michalis Kamprianis Head of IT Applications and Projects at G4S Greece

Pandora FMS covers all your monitoring needs with a single piece of software



From hardware to operating system, low level monitoring and endless features based on our exclusive agent technology.


High-end monitoring for complex environments: autodiscovery, high-speed headless probes, web transactions and classic SNMP monitoring.


Business Activity Monitoring: integrate your business operation in realtime monitoring.


Oracle, Exchange, VMware, MySQL, WebLogic, DB2, SAP: We have plugins for all your needs.

Choose the version which best suits your business model



On-premise Pandora FMS fully-featured license.


Specific version for MSP’s: High scalability, multitenant and SaaS-ready version to provide service to your customers.


Distributed, headless remote monitoring and discovery for complex topologies, customer deployment and high performance monitoring.


Our version focused solely on agentless monitoring.

Pandora FMS Services


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