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Official Pandora FMS Training and Certifications

Our software is one of the most powerful and flexible ones in the market, and it offers several possibilities. Therefore, learning all its secrets is not an easy task. The official documentation of Pandora FMS covers more than 1500 pages. Of course, you can dive into it, watch videos or even read the code. But you may prefer an extra help to save time.

Our training programs are adapted to different types of users: from those who use the Community version to our Enterprise version clients who need to train a team capable of managing the already working Pandora FMS console.

Official Pandora FMS Training and Certifications training certificate pat and pae

Discover our monitoring courses

PAT - Technical

Configuration and administration oriented; it requires advanced knowledge in Linux and Network administration. Duration: 17 hours. Read more.

PAO - Operation

Oriented to operation teams that will work with an existing Pandora FMS installation. Requires basic knowledge on an operation level. Duration: 8 hours. Ask our sales team for more information.

PAE - Engineering

Oriented to advanced environments and customized monitoring. You need to have PAT certification and solid knowledge in Linux administration, Networking and Scripting. Duration: 17 hours. Read more.

PAD - Development

Oriented to the integration of Pandora FMS with third party tools or development of functionalities such as console extensions, server or agent plugins, provision scripts, automation, etc. PAT certification required. Duration: minimum of 8 hours. Ask our sales team for more information.

MSP - Metaconsola

Specific course for the Metaconsole (remember that it is included from 2000 devices to monitor), generally tailor-made for customers with an ongoing installation. PAT and PAE certifications are required. Duration: 15 hours. Ask our sales team for more information.

Official certifications

Official certifications mockup certificate training

Who knows better than software developers when certifying whether or not a person knows about Pandora FMS? That is the whole purpose of official certifications, but it is also a way to find out whether the person who took the course has really taken advantage of it.

With almost a thousand certificates over the last decade, you can be assured that if someone is certified, they have enough knowledge to implement Pandora FMS.

All of our certifications include two time-limited exams, a theoretical one and a practical one.

Our own e-Learning Platform

training plan that includes everything necessary to manage trainig icon

We have put all our enthusiasm and effort into creating a training plan that includes everything necessary to manage, operate and carry out complex installations of Pandora FMS. Likewise, we have a specific forum for students in which our tutors will answer their questions.

course for all of those who do not feel confident enough with Linux trainig icon

Likewise, we thought that it would also be useful to create a course for all of those who do not feel confident enough with Linux, so we developed one based on our favorite distribution: centOS. In addition to our courses PAO (Operation), PAT (Management), PAE (Engineering), PAMSP (MSP / Metaconsole) and PAD (Development), there is our Linux PALX course.

access to all courses trainig icon

Our platform allows access to all courses. These include a theoretical part, documentation on each topic in PDF and self-assessment tests, as well as practical exercises with the answers included and example videos. Premium course students will have access to an individual tutoring system by videoconference.

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Training modalities

We can customize courses for your company, in duration, scope and content, adapting them to your current and future needs. Contact us, we can move to your offices or teach them in external classrooms.

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