What are SLA, SLO, and SLI?

Content: Importance of SLA, SLO and SLI in user experience Objective of metrics and their application in system performance Differences between SLA, SLO and SLI SLI: Service Level Indicator SLO: Service Level Objective SLA: Service Level Agreement Comparison...

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How to update your PC BIOS

Content: Introduction Accessing the BIOS from Windows Alternatives to using the Windows 10 and 11 method What does UEFI stand for? When should you update your BIOS? How to update your BIOS BIOS Update Considerations Every computer has its BIOS,...

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XZ Vulnerability

You drink tap water every day, right? Do you know who invented the filtering mechanism that makes water pure and clean?… Well, do you actually care? Do you know that this mechanism is exactly the same in all the taps of all the houses of any...

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How to reduce CPU usage

From the computer, we increasingly perform different tasks simultaneously (listening to music while writing a report, receiving files by email and downloading videos), which involve executing commands, and sending and receiving data. Over time,...

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AR vs VR: What’s the difference?

It would seem like the line between science fiction and reality is increasingly blurred. We no longer see this only in the movies and games, but in e-commerce, education, entertainment, staff training, remote diagnostics or architectural...

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What is RMM software?

In this article, we will thoroughly address RMM Software (Remote Monitoring and Management Software) and its essential role for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). We will explain the core functions of RMM, from remote monitoring to efficient...

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What is SSH?

SSH stands for “Secure Shell.” It's a network protocol used to securely access and manage devices and servers over an unsecured network. It provides an accurate form of authentication as well as encrypted communication between two systems,...