Pandora FMS Future Challenges

Pandora FMS Roadmap

We have been working since 2004 to improve Pandora FMS. Our monitoring approach seeks to combine all kinds of monitoring in a single solution, integrated, scalable and homogeneous.

In the next two years, we want to take a qualitative leap to make Pandora FMS not only the most versatile monitoring tool on the market, but also the essential tool for day-to-day IT management and operation. We are working on process automation, on the creation of a CMDB, on security monitoring and automated deployment. And do not forget artificial intelligence. Thanks to our new AI department, we will be able to automate certain analysis that the user had to do by himself before.

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Updates and releases

For us, the reviews of our clients are essential. Thanks to them, we manage to improve our product with new features. At the end of 2017, we decided to adopt a rolling release philosophy, which implies having a single stable version, Pandora FMS 7.0 NG, without any future “major” versions. From NG version onwards, all changes are incremental.

In 2019, we incorporated a policy of fixed and periodic releases at the end of every month, and for now we have complied 100% of the time. Of course, one of our commitments is giving security patches as needed inmediately.

Upcoming challenges for 2020 and 2021

scaled database icon (big data)

Extensible database (big data)

We want to reach the last monitoring frontier, the code line of business applications to measure their times and detect bottlenecks and overloads, combining all information in the same platform where infrastructure, server and application metrics are.

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New integrations

Our goal for 2020 and 2021 is to widen out the range of plugins and policies of the Pandora FMS library. We currently have about 250 integrations.

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Application code APM

Pandora FMS is a global project and, as such, we want to strengthen our presence in the United States and South America with more partners and commercial activity throughout the whole continent.

Enhanced Satellite Server and Recon Server icon

Improved Satellite and Recon Servers

We will improve the Satellite Server and the Recon Server, in order to perform a better self-discovery of the network topology, infrastructure monitoring and inventory information, integrating that information in our future CMDB.

New approach to security monitoring

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Having an agent installed in a system, whether it might be a workstation or a server, provides the opportunity to perform a constant equipment security analysis, both at the configuration level (hardening) and the correct execution of key services for corporate security (antivirus, backup). In addition, it is possible to detect whether the computer executes suspicious processes, has an unusual CPU or network usage pattern, or know when unauthorized software is installed.

Our inventory tool is essential when it comes to inventorying hardware, firmware or application versions, since it allows detecting what equipment, operating systems or network hardware – printers, APs, IP cameras or any managed IoT- are vulnerable.

In security monitoring, the most important thing is not to see the failure happen, but to be able to prevent possible security risks such as Ransomware attacks, botnets and unsecured computers that appear on your business network.

Thanks to our integrated log and event monitoring, we can combine IDS alerts, firewalls and logs of specific security applications, to show in real time the evolution of the security index of the company, all through customizable dashboards.

Our goal is to continue working for security monitoring, unifying all the information provided by the monitoring itself and, above all, adding new features and uses that help us prevent attacks and cut down risks.

Pandora FMS, more and more Cloud

In 2019, we took a big step towards simple monitoring with Pandora FMS Discovery, a tool that makes agent deployment and virtual monitoring easier in different applications. 

With the new Pandora FMS CTL, you can deploy on-demand monitoring environments in the cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.), deploying and provisioning Metaconsole nodes, updating them or even performing unattended installations and agent uninstalls. With this feature, it is possible to verify the correct operation of each process and other operations, so that our clients are able to manage, in a 100% automated way, their virtual environments, through the installation, update and configuration of each element of Pandora FMS in a 100% cloud environment.

We are looking for a solution that allows you to directly control up to one million devices, in an efficient, flexible, scalable and automated way, adding and eliminating Metaconsole nodes on demand.

Orchestration & IT Automation

Application Deployment  Application Deployment

Centralized operations  Centralized operations

Configuration Changes  Configuration Changes

Own solution: no need for integration with third-party solutions  Own solution: no need for integration with third-party solutions. 

Custom application deployment   Custom application deployment.

Integrated in monitoring  Integrated in monitoring.

 Conditional deployment  Conditional deployment.

Automated system management   Automated system management.

Based on monitoring agents themselves   Based on monitoring agents themselves.

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IT Automation

From release 741 on, we incorporate our IT automation cornerstone: OmniShell, a tool capable of executing commands in a distributed way using current agent technology.

We want to make Pandora FMS, without any third-party software and keeping its centralized console philosophy, become the key to IT automation: deploying software, making corrective changes, executing configurations, changing deployments, applying patches and many other tasks that can be automated and deployed through policies, applying them on groups of Linux or Windows machines and network devices.

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Pandora FMS Featured CMDB Integrated Monitoring Management Chart

Integrated CMDB

Thanks to monitoring, self-discovery and the collected information, we can offer users their own CMDB, fully integrated in Pandora FMS, which is fed in real time. On it we will apply the helpdesk  logic incorporated by our software with Integria IMS, a product of the same suite: incidents and change management, in addition to the new IT automation features. Thanks to the developments in self-discovery, relationships at network, application and service levels can be linked.

You may create graphs to represent service dependencies, make impact simulations (fall, service loss), park obsolescence reports and fully integrate them with third-party processes, thanks to a powerful REST API, so that the CMDB is the core of its IT management.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

We have a specific Artificial Intelligence department that works hard to offer AI solutions that detect changes in patterns, alert application and thresholds automatically, among other tasks.

We want to create a tool capable of performing historical monitoring analysis to predict trends, set automatic correlation alerts and, using CMDB rules, better detect the source of a certain failure (root cause analysis).

graph applied artificial intelligence pandora fms featured

Towards a more usable and visual interface

Our Design department works together with the Development one to make Pandora FMS a more usable, simple and visual tool. From the very beginning, we have strived to get away from complexity. Therefore, our goal is to improve our interface, reports and our apps.

We have a permanent commitment to improve and enrich the Pandora FMS console towards full usability.

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