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SaaS vs onPremise: Pros, Cons and Cost Analysis

May 18, 2021

SaaS vs onPremise, do you use the cloud? Do you use the cloud? Be aware that we’re not saying that you are in cloud nine, but that you may most likely be using the cloud. That is, if you use Google mail, Microsoft Office …

Pandora FMS Cloud and new download website. The top of 2021.

February 11, 2021

Pandora FMS launches Cloud installation and new download website. Here at Pandora FMS we love news. If it were up to us we would wear new dresses and stilettos every week, we would open headquarters in an unknown tropical country and we would change …


What is virtualization technology?

January 12, 2021

What virtualization technology it is and some examples of its uses Although it is not well known to the general public, virtualization technology is widely used in technical environments for being useful when carrying out multiple tasks and for the possibilities it offers for …

Proxmox VE monitoring

Proxmox VE Monitoring

December 23, 2020

Proxmox VE monitoring with Pandora FMS In this article, we will focus on Proxmox VE monitoring, a virtualization system, for which you will use Pandora FMS agent plugin. What is Proxmox VE? Before delving into Proxmox VE monitoring, we should define it. Proxmox VE …

Benefits and Drawbacks of SaaS

The Benefits and Drawbacks of SaaS: The New Paradigm vs On-Premises Software

December 21, 2020

Benefits and Drawbacks of SaaS and what it is like compared to on-premise software SaaS has rapidly become the go-to software and computing solution for businesses and industries across the world. While it’s costly to develop and deploy servers and infrastructure for your business …

aws monitoring

The importance Cloud monitoring: AWS

September 30, 2020

AWS monitoring with Pandora FMS In previous articles we talked about the need to move forward to cloud technology, as well as about the incorporation of the monitoring of this technology, describing this need with Microsoft Azure tool. Now we are going to describe …

azure monitoring featured

The importance Cloud monitoring: Azure

September 9, 2020

Azure monitoring: advantages and metrics with Pandora FMS Technology is evolving exponentially, and with it the size of the data that needs to be saved increases and the great need to access them quickly, easily and, above all, from anywhere. Every day that goes …

network baseline

Network baseline: new technologies, new challenges

November 13, 2019

Network baseline and the challenges imposed by new technologies The issue of network baseline arose quite some time ago. Everything started from the understanding that networks are not static entities, but are a set of elements that change over time. It was also understood …

hybrid cloud monitoring

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring: Defining a Strategy

October 24, 2019

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring: Things to keep in mind When we are faced with the challenge of hybrid cloud monitoring, the golden dream of a single monitoring platform is reawakened in us. It would be ideal to have a tool that would allow us to …


Let’s talk about the BGP protocol and its monitoring

September 4, 2019

BGP Protocol: Relevance, Basic Concepts and Monitoring The BGP protocol has become a fundamental part of the operation and performance of the Internet. Therefore, it is obvious that we should undertake the BGP monitoring process when monitoring applications or those services that are offered …

nutanix y vmware

Hyperconvergence: Nutanix and VMware

May 9, 2019

Nutanix VS VMware: choose wisely in this hyperconvergent duel Good stories are always told from the beginning and so this duel between Nutanix and VMware is no exception, we must start from the basic concepts behind these solutions. Convergence: the beginning of everything First …

VXLAN network

VXLANs: Applying Virtualization to Networks.

April 11, 2019

VXLAN Network: a network between virtual machines, wherever they are The development of VXLAN technology or extensible virtual networks is usually associated with the implementation of service provider company platforms. However, the fundamental idea around VXLAN is applicable to any platform and arises to …

monitorización de VDI

VDI Platform Monitoring (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

March 5, 2019

VDI Monitoring: All you need to know to face the Challenge The decision to introduce Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology is not an easy one. One of the most important aspects to consider is precisely the administration and monitoring of VDI. From the point …

Functions as Service (FaaS) : its monitoring and use as tools

September 24, 2018

FaaS Functions as a Service: its monitoring and use as tools FaaS: how to work with them without dying in the attempt How about starting with an introduction? We will attach links to articles already published – and from third parties – that expand …


How to monitor a Serverless Application?

August 3, 2018

Serverless: An introduction and new challenges for monitoring Among other terms under the umbrella concept of cloud computing, we can find the Serverless technology which we have witnessed its growing popularity in the last three years. In principle, the cloud computing concept covers three …

Internet of things and open source

IoT open source – what are its advantages and disadvantages?

July 30, 2018

IoT open source; advantages and disadvantages When we talk about IoT (or the Internet of Things), we immediately imagine a series of devices – although IoT is much more than that, we often think of household appliances – working in a coordinated way, as …

computing monitoring

Computing Monitoring. Pandora FMS + eHorus

May 18, 2018

Computer monitoring, inventory and remote control; a natural relationship What do computer monitoring tools, inventory tools and remote control tools have to do with computer systems? This is a question that human beings have been asking themselves since the beginnings of time…. Well, that …

10 things you didn’t know about Solaris that will surprise you

March 8, 2018

Solaris Operating System: 10 curious facts that you should know Think about the people who surround you and have a look at the operating systems they are using. The great majority is used to the main operating systems for computer: Windows, Mac OS or …

How to monitor OpenNebula?

December 27, 2017

OPenNebula monitoring: Do we have security in the cloud? In order to develop the topic “How to monitor OpenNebula?” in a logical order, let’s see first what OpenNebula is, and then make a meticulous reference to its monitoring. Thus OpenNebula is an open source …

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Virtualization and the Cloud: Round and round your data goes…

June 19, 2017

Virtualization and Cloud computing are revolutionizing the IT ecosphere and, like all revolutions, there are good and bad consequences and extra responsibility for the supposed beneficiaries. CEOs and CIOs are obligated to take decisions on the fly, in a protean environment where the technological …

hybris cloud

Hybrid Cloud: where does your data go?

June 1, 2017

I wandered lonely as a hybrid Cloud, Wordsworth might have mused. But he would have been mistaken, as the hybrid Cloud has two close companions, the public and private Clouds. Nevertheless, hybrid Cloud is an evocative expression to conjure with, and the IT sector …

Cloud Monitoring: What you need to know

December 20, 2016

Migrating their services to the cloud has brought great changes to companies and their IT infrastructure operations, and at a pace which has left decision-makers without time to define a clear post-migration strategy. Meanwhile, SLAs still have to be respected irrespective of if the …

#teamviewerDown: Safe alternatives for remote desktop management

June 2, 2016

Around March we already had a warning in the form of a newsbreak that someone was infecting devices managed with TeamViewer with ransomware. Now June has just started and we get news of another, more disturbing, incident that is also affecting TeamViewer. The TeamViewer team, …

AWS Monitoring: Pandora FMS arrives on Amazon Web Services

March 28, 2016

Pandora FMS is now available as an Amazon AMI (installed on CentOS Linux) in a way that’s completely compatible and optimized to work on your Amazon Web Services virtual enviroments. Since Amazon Web Services is a worldwide reference when it comes to cloud services, …

ChatOps: when chatting becomes productive

March 16, 2016

So as you may have noticed, we just released a chat bot plugin for Pandora FMS in order to adapt Pandora to the growing tendency around ChatOps and its use. In spite of this, you may still wondering exactly what ChatOps is all about. …

Pandora FMS: Docker Swarm plugin (WhaleTopus)

March 9, 2016

Since the release of Docker Swarm at Artica TS we’ve been planning a way for Pandora FMS to combine with this new Docker feature, in order to monitor complex Docker Swarm environments under high availability schemes. Pandora FMS teamEl equipo de redacción de Pandora …

Docker CLoud

Docker Cloud: Docker gets its head in the Cloud

March 7, 2016

These days the community has been going crazy about Docker’s new approach to cloud services and SaaS with the release of Docker cloud. This new product by Docker promises to provide a great service and very interesting features, including a very carefully planned synchronization …

docker swarn

Docker Swarm: a boost in your network potential

March 4, 2016

Docker is developing a new protocol they’re (quite logically) denominating “Docker Swarm“. According to Docker’s new documentation section specific to this add-on Swarm is literally  a “native clustering for Docker. It turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host. Because …

Monitorización en la nube

Cloud Monitoring: a real experience with Toni de la Fuente

February 10, 2016

Today we’ve had the pleasure of talking to one of our first Pandora FMS Ambassadors. After having talked to him some days ago in order to introduce our program to him, the feeling I had was that he was a person with a large …

New VMWare image of Pandora FMS 5

November 5, 2013

A VMWare image with Pandora FMS 5 pre-installed is now available at our Sourceforge project page. This applicance is based on our CentOS appliance CD (More info in the documentation HERE). And it is valid for ESX/ESXi, workstation, virtualdisk, parallels, etc. Pandora FMS teamEl …

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VMWare monitoring with Pandora FMS

November 4, 2011

We have been released new Pandora FMS video explaining the possibilities of the VMWare monitoring with Pandora FMS. Enjoy it! Pandora FMS teamEl equipo de redacción de Pandora FMS está formado por un conjunto de escritores y profesionales de las TI con una cosa …

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New Monitoring and Managing VMware Plugin

August 19, 2011

The plugin for VMware has been improved with new features called VMware View and VMware Manage , also architecture discovery was improved to collect the relationship between all VMware architecture elements and a lot of new checks were added. The new VMware View shows …

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