Pandora FMS launches Cloud installation and new download website.

Here at Pandora FMS we love news. If it were up to us we would wear new dresses and stilettos every week, we would open headquarters in an unknown tropical country and we would change styles, to other more daring and exotic, in our cocktail parties. Just to make our love for the avant-garde clear once and for all. But this time it is not about showing off a convertible car or cutting edge smartphone to impress those in the neighborhood, it is about something that interests us all much more: the possibility of installing Pandora FMS through Cloud. There you have it, cloud monitoring, no more and no less.

That is the good news, which here come announced by a choir of seraphic horns and the most common social networks: Pandora FMS can be installed on Cloud. Cloud monitoring for everyone! You may wonder: “but, what do I need?” Don’t worry, don’t get into despair, here we go:

-It requires an installed version of CentOS 7.x.
-RAM: 2GB (4GB recommended)
-Disk: 10GB of disk.
-Internet: Connection required
-Provider: Valid for all Cloud providers

And that’s it, nothing else, Cloud and execute the following command:
curl -Ls | sh

To this great news you just have to add that we also released a new download page and you already had enough excitement until Foo Fighters release a new album again. Possibility of Pandora FMS through cloud monitoring and new download page. We are definitely saving 2021. Perhaps we will compete with some variety of the Covid vaccine and with Tom Brady, now that it has been leaked how much he earns. But of course we are already among the most awaited and healing news of the year. And we have to say that this is only the beginning, we are not left alone in cloud monitoring, we have a few hectic months ahead, all full of innovation and surprises. But don’t worry, you can enjoy it little by little. You just have to be attentive to our blog and social networks.

Besides this, what do you think of the idea that Pandora FMS has a license that fully adapts to your needs? More flexible and adaptable than one of those memory foam mattresses from Ikea. You don’t believe it? It only takes to monitor our prices.

We may seem unfathomable to you, but don’t be alarmed, take your paper boat and explore all Pandora FMS features you want with a completely free and functional trial for a period of 30 days. You will surely stay with us!

And as I say, if you want to keep up with all our news and you like IT, releases and, of course, monitoring, we are waiting for you in our blog and in our different social networks, from Linkedin to Twitter not forgetting Facebook. We even have a Youtube channel!, and with better storytellers than any other youtuber.