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docker run

How to use the docker run command for Docker container execution

February 19, 2020

How to use Docker run to run Docker containers in a simple way In this previous article we learned to create our own Docker images to test and distribute our applications regardless of their dependencies. As we know, Docker is a wonderful tool for …

grafana dashboards

Create dashboards in Grafana with Pandora FMS data in 3 steps

January 14, 2020

Find out how to create Grafana dashboards with Pandora FMS data About a year ago, in another Pandora FMS blog, we talked about what Grafana is, we explained what it was and how it was related to other software. Now we go a little …

docker containers

Create your own Docker containers to test and deploy applications

December 17, 2019

How to create Docker containers in order to deploy applications If you are a developer, a systems administrator, you work in the information technology sector or you are simply a technology enthusiast who has ever deployed some type of application, surely you will have …

seguridad con docker bench

Monitor-oriented Docker Bench for Security

August 16, 2019

Docker Bench for security with Pandora FMS Although the main purpose of Pandora FMS is to monitor: its flexibility allows us to extend it as far as we need it. That’s why we now bring you Security with Docker Bench and suggest some ideas …

command terminal featured

Do you know how to work a Linux Command Terminal?

April 16, 2019

Command terminal: How to do more in less time! Something that the Linux kernel inherited was the command line interface (shell): in Unix® it was called Bourne Shell (written by Mr. Stephen Bourne) and it is called Bash which stands for the Bourne-again shell, …

Web Page Monitoring

Web Page Monitoring with Pandora FMS, Python and BeautifulSoup

February 5, 2019

Web page monitoring: Tools to extract values from it Pandora FMS and web page monitoring Among my multiple occupations is also contributing to edit Wikipedia, and there is a wonderful article about Pandora FMS where it is stated that we can do a Web …

Engine X

Learn how to monitor Engine X with basic tools

November 30, 2018

Engine X: alternate web server and its handmade monitoring Nginx (Engine X) is present in at least 22% of domains (as of May 2018), in second place due to its ability to deal with ten thousand or more connections. Now, if we already have …

Raspberry kiosk mode

Discover how to set up a Raspberry kiosk mode

November 23, 2018

Raspberry kiosk mode configuration on Pandora FMS About the Raspberry kiosk mode If you’ve been shopping recently, you may or may not have seen stores and shops with screens, promotional videos, product images, statistics, etc. Normally, for this purpose the computers are hidden. These …

Every programmer deserves a Vagrant File

November 21, 2018

Vagrant File: Working with virtual IDE’s An Integrated Development Environment is like the personal office of every software programmer, because we have all the components in order to focus on the task. Today everything is oriented towards web applications and in a previous article …

Mainframe Monitoring

Mainframe Monitoring: Beyond the Black Box

October 19, 2018

Mainframe Monitoring: Introduction, Challenges and Tools Either because we are implementing an integral monitoring platform, because we want to monitor a data centre or because we need to monitor an application, sooner or later we will have to face the issue of Mainframe Monitoring. …

python language

In GNU/Linux we can use Python language graphically!

October 15, 2018

Python Language: Graphing our monitoring data in GNU Benevolent Dictator For Life Chill out, we’re not here to talk about politics. Now that we have your attention, we have to clarify that Benevolent Dictator For Life is the actual title that Guido van Rossum, …

how to migrate cacti

How to migrate SNMP monitoring from Cacti to Pandora FMS

October 12, 2018

How to migrate Cacti to Pandora FMS Any IT environment needs a monitoring system, but which one should we use? We can opt for traditional and more limited systems, or for current monitoring systems such as Pandora FMS. In order to facilitate the task …

Base de datos de alta disponibilidad

How to install a High Availability Database Cluster with Pandora FMS

October 5, 2018

High Availability Database Cluster with Pandora FMS Introduction Pandora FMS relies on a MySQL database for configuration and data storage. A database failure can temporarily bring your monitoring solution to a halt. The Pandora FMS high availability database cluster allows you to easily deploy …

All you need to know about GIS Maps on-premise with Geoserver

September 28, 2018

GIS Maps with Geoserver in Pandora FMS Since version 7.0 NG 723, Pandora FMS has a new feature that allows the use of GIS maps with Geoserver for its integration with Pandora FMS GIS maps. Geoserver is a free, open source Java-based server that …

6 common computer maintenance problems

September 21, 2018

Computer maintenance; 6 common problems to deal with Okay, so you have a computer – or more than one! – And every now and then you have a little problem. A broken screen, CPU pain, migraines in RAM or even a virus! Multiple ailments …

computer stress

How to fight computer stress

August 27, 2018

Computer stress; some ideas to fight it and learn more about it Computer stress exists. Seriously! It can cause real problems, which can be more or less serious. The most obvious is a decrease in the productivity of those affected; they, immersed in frustration …

slow computer solutions

Several factors that can slow down your computer

August 20, 2018

Slow Computer solutions and causes. Keep reading to find out more This morning you saw it coming through the door and it even made you feel bad. It crawled, very slowly, like a little snail, leaving a trail of bits behind. After a while …


How to monitor a Serverless Application?

August 3, 2018

Serverless: An introduction and new challenges for monitoring Among other terms under the umbrella concept of cloud computing, we can find the Serverless technology which we have witnessed its growing popularity in the last three years. In principle, the cloud computing concept covers three …

How to monitor web server Apache with Pandora FMS

How to monitor an Apache web server with Pandora FMS

July 13, 2018

Monitoring Web Server Apache with Pandora FMS What is an Apache Web server? In today’s article, you will learn how to monitor in depth an Apache web server with Pandora FMS. But first, let’s find out what Apache is. It is the most widely …

phpIPAM feature cover blog

How can I use php IPAM as an auxiliary tool in Pandora FMS?

June 7, 2018

php IPAM: Check IP addresses and all their changes Php IPAM , as its compound name indicates , is the use and administration, through PHP, of Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) addresses, which makes the software very unique. In this article we will look …

monitoring zimbra

Learn how to monitor Zimbra with this comprehensive tutorial

May 10, 2018

Monitoring Zimbra: with this tutorial you’ll find it quite easy to do 1. Context 1.1. What is Zimbra? Loyal to our style, let’s get started by having a look at what Zimbra is. Zimbra is a product from Synacor, which offer us a fairly …

oracle goldengate monitoring

Learn how to monitor Oracle GoldenGate Monitoring

April 26, 2018

Oracle GoldenGate Monitoring: Learn how to monitor this What is Oracle GoldenGate? Oracle GoldenGate allows the exchange and manipulation of data in a company, allowing decisions to be made in real time. It works with multiple platforms, while moving transactions that are committed to …

How to monitor OpenNebula?

December 27, 2017

OPenNebula monitoring: Do we have security in the cloud? In order to develop the topic “How to monitor OpenNebula?” in a logical order, let’s see first what OpenNebula is, and then make a meticulous reference to its monitoring. Thus OpenNebula is an open source …

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Monitoring honeypots

October 9, 2017

Honeypots, find out what they are, monitor them and hunt the hunter Nowadays, most computer attacks come from individuals who try taking control of different systems or damage them. They are able to perform these attacks by finding vulnerabilities in the devices, so, to …

How to report a bug properly

December 20, 2016

The first thing to keep in mind when reporting a bug is make sure your software is updated with the last version available, because some times, what you think is a new bug it’s really a problem solved long time ago. Programmers are weird, …

How to monitor PostgreSQL

September 26, 2013

How to monitor PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is a very powerful and stable database management system (SGBD) that allows managing a very large amount of data. In its more than 16 years of active development by a selfless, altruistic and free community of developers, PostgreSQL has …

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Howto: Generate a animation video of Gource

April 26, 2010

Hi. I play with a nice toy called Gource. It’s an aplication to generate animations, more or less organic, about the life of a project. It’s the same that Codeswarm, althought Codeswarm is focused to developer and the generated animations seems as fireworks instead …

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