Supernet: What it is and what it is for?

September 21, 2021

From now on, let us add “Supernet” into our vocabulary. Learn more! A set of computers and/or computer equipment connected to each other, and that can exchange data and information, all of those make up a network. The Internet is the network of networks. …

User Experience Monitoring

August 17, 2021

Advanced tasks: user experience monitoring In the last century we had very primitive computers and now, at the dawn of a new millennium are we the users who have become primitive !? Want to learn more? Let’s get to know User Experience Monitoring My …

10 reasons to change your monitoring software

June 15, 2021

Every change is for the better and we give you ten reasons to change your monitoring software. Cuando se habla de cambiar de software, no sé por qué, me viene a la mente la compra de música. Bueno, yo soy de los de antes: …

BMC Remedyforce Plugin for Pandora FMS

March 23, 2021

Pandora FMS means flexibility to work with third party applications. There are more than eight hundred pages of documentation for Pandora FMS. The science – and art, I think – of monitoring is very extensive. The needs of a large company are different from …

12 tips for contributing to free software projects

January 19, 2021

How to contribute to free software projects «Beethoven was a good composer because he used new ideas combining them together with old ones. No one, not even Beethoven, could invent music from scratch. It’s the same with computing.» Richard Matthew Stallman. The previous sentence …

qwerty layout

QWERTY layout: a keyboard that came to stay

January 6, 2021

QWERTY layout; where does it come from and what does it mean? SOS. Those three letters?, they represent almost at worldwide level a naval distress call… What does the QWERTY layout have to do with the keyboards we use every day? Spoiler Alert: Morse …

systemd logs

Monitoring systemd logs

December 30, 2020

Systemd logs: how to monitor them with Pandora FMS Systemd logs, without exemption, can be monitored in this proof of concept that we will see next. But what is systemd and how does it work? I will tell you in advance that I do …

gnu commands

GNU Linux commands to inventory computer hardware

November 18, 2020

GNU Linux commands essential to carry out a hardware inventory In the beginning we, as Humanity, created computers. We said “let it be electricity” and it was the light on our ballistic trajectory calculations. We saw the numbers matched and they were good. And …


PuTTY from a monitoring perspective

November 11, 2020

What is PuTTY and some useful tips to use it easily PuTTY is a free program (MIT license) for x86 and AMD 64 architectures (now in experimental stages for ARM). It was developed in 1997!, by Simon Tatham, a British programmer. In this blog, …

port monitoring

Pandora FMS port monitoring

October 28, 2020

All Pandora FMS tasks rely –or have to do- with port monitoring. The ancient Roman Empire used to call what is now the Mediterranean Sea as Mare Nostrum (Nostrum Mare), stating what is now the port city of Barcelona as the entry point to …

network traffic analysis tools

Network traffic analysis tools for 2020

October 14, 2020

The Best Network Traffic Analysis Tools of 2020 and Some Key Questions Galaxy: Milky Way. Planet: Earth, Solar System. Date: Year of the Rat, number 4718 from Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor. Spaceship: Pandora FMS Enterprise. Voyager 2 spaceship reports that its older twin sister …

The incredible but true story of the letter sent from Sweden

September 11, 2020

Mysteries in Pandora FMS: the letter written and sent from Sweden All kinds of stories happen in Pandora FMS. And perhaps one day we will be lucky enough that Christopher Nolan himself will take us to the big screen, thus completing almost impeccable filmographies. …

optimize mariadb

Optimize MariaDB: tips to deal with load spikes

June 16, 2020

Load spikes? We give you some tips to optimize MariaDB This 2020 is perfect to check our beloved Pandora FMS server and precisely a very important component is the database (BD). As our loyal readers already know (and if you visit us for the …

percona pmm alternative

Pandora FMS as an alternative to Percona PMM

May 23, 2019

Percona PMM alternative Pandora FMS On one previous occasion one of our colleagues published a good article on the Percona Server for this database. Percona is a company founded in 2006 by former MySQL employees, Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko. Today we bring you …

command terminal featured

Do you know how to work a Linux Command Terminal?

April 16, 2019

Command terminal: How to do more in less time! Something that the Linux kernel inherited was the command line interface (shell): in Unix® it was called Bourne Shell (written by Mr. Stephen Bourne) and it is called Bash which stands for the Bourne-again shell, …

illustrated TLS

An illustrated TLS connection: learn about each step in detail

April 2, 2019

Get to know through an illustrated TLS how private data is protected The wise saying says that the rope always breaks at its weakest point. That is why today we will cover the subject of safe communications with an illustrated TLS connection. In a …

Datadog alternative

Datadog Alternative: An interesting comparison with Pandora FMS!

March 19, 2019

Datadog alternative: history, comparison and use cases Do you know the Datadog software? Datadog is also the name of the company that produces it, and here we bring it in a comparison with Pandora FMS. First of all we want to tell you that …

coste del backup en la nube

Internet Backup: Cloud Backup Cost

March 12, 2019

Cloud Backup Cost: Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy A backup is a set of files that are mirrors or exact images of their originals at any given time. They are generally compressed to save space both in storage and transport. They …

Wifi monitoring

Wifi monitoring: the range of the wireless signal with Pandora FMS

February 26, 2019

Wifi monitoring, power and wireless network range Although since 1985 the federal government of the United States of America provided the radio bands (frequencies) to be used for our daily use, it was not until 1999 when the brand Wi-Fi® was registered, which means …

Web Page Monitoring

Web Page Monitoring with Pandora FMS, Python and BeautifulSoup

February 5, 2019

Web page monitoring: Tools to extract values from it Pandora FMS and web page monitoring Among my multiple occupations is also contributing to edit Wikipedia, and there is a wonderful article about Pandora FMS where it is stated that we can do a Web …

Windows Management Instrumentation

Windows Management Instrumentation in remote monitoring

January 29, 2019

Windows Management Instrumentation in monitoring Pandora FMS features include decentralized monitoring, which is based on several standards and/or protocols of common and open use (SNMP v1 and v2 -v3 from version 7.0 NG 727-, ICMP and WMI). In this article we will talk about …

perfect software

The search for Perfect Software is praiseworthy but does it exist?

January 22, 2019

Searching for the Perfect Software or the Fewest Possible Bugs As we know, here in Pandora FMS our task is monitoring, always in a flexible way, and which consists, in a few words, in verifying that everything goes well. In a perfect world monitoring …

light monitoring

Light monitoring with Elastic Metricbeat

January 15, 2019

Light monitoring with Elastic Metricbeat: an alternative vision Since Pandora FMS version 7.0 NG 712, thanks to the integration with Elastic, we have drastically improved the system of storage and visualization of records or logs, which allows us to increase the growth and speed …

industrial monitoring

Industrial Monitoring with Pandora FMS: flexibility study

January 10, 2019

Industrial Monitoring Offers Audit of Manufacturing Operations The simplest machine invented by mankind is the wheel. Practically all civilizations have used it and together with fire we dare to affirm that it is the basis of civilization. Many other machineries use it and it …

Free server monitoring tools

2021 top free server monitoring tools

December 13, 2018

The top 11 free server monitoring tools of 2021 Whether we need a web server that connects our users to a database, or a server that collects our documents to print and keeps track of the sheets we spend, monitoring a server simplifies it: …

Engine X

Learn how to monitor Engine X with basic tools

November 30, 2018

Engine X: alternate web server and its handmade monitoring Nginx (Engine X) is present in at least 22% of domains (as of May 2018), in second place due to its ability to deal with ten thousand or more connections. Now, if we already have …

immutable infrastructure

Why does an Immutable Infrastructure guarantee constant change?

November 26, 2018

Immutable Infrastructure. Learn all about it here Programming requires special knowledge and dedication. Being a good programmer also requires valuable skills; all this makes the foundation quite solid and it is the starting point for great programs and, who knows, we may even produce …

Every programmer deserves a Vagrant File

November 21, 2018

Vagrant File: Working with virtual IDE’s An Integrated Development Environment is like the personal office of every software programmer, because we have all the components in order to focus on the task. Today everything is oriented towards web applications and in a previous article …

HP Operations Manager

HP Operations Manager: Legendary multifaceted software

November 19, 2018

HP Operations Manager: office suite for monitoring We have talked about reviews of legendary software in the area of monitoring, such as the colossus IBM® Tivoli® Netcool®. With equal pleasure, and at the request of the editorial team of this blog, today we bring …

Linux Certifications

Linux Certifications: a must-have in this 21st century

November 16, 2018

Linux Certifications: a practical guide and a brief overview In this globalized world, where speed and immediacy of response have been imposed as a rule, the truth is that we enjoy a flow of bytes per second very well delimited and studied. In the …

Meet the new guy on the block: BASHware and its use in the WSL

November 14, 2018

Meet the new guy: BASHware and its use in the WSL Antecedents In this blog we published last year, an interesting insight of the penguin’s OS in the field of proprietary software, specifically in Microsoft® Windows®. Redmond’s company had just finished its beta phase …

Authority authorization featured-fms

Certification Authority Authorization: Add extra security to your web domains

November 5, 2018

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA). How does it work? The Certification Authority Authorization is an additional specification or standard that brings extra security confirmation for our web domains. In this article we will describe, in general terms, its origin, how it works and recommendations in …



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