Is your Windows getting out of hand? Doesn’t it know how to behave in front of guests? Is it like those children usually other people have who break down to cry as if they were boiling them?

Thankfully, Pandora FMS has the solution for you.

Windows server monitoring with Pandora FMS

Yes, the so-called system, network and application monitoring platform has features focused particularly on Windows monitoring, and the best of all, you can do it remotely or locally!

In addition, thanks to software agent installation, you can have total control of your Windows servers.

Pandora FMS offers you full monitoring of Windows servers so you may have the information you need to solve problems in real time. You no longer will have to guess what the hell is going on, with Pandora FMS you can quickly identify problems and fix them effectively.

If this sounds too good to be true… wait until you see our video, the one below, where we will show you in detail all those advantages! Join us on this tour and find out how Pandora FMS can help you take control of your Windows systems easily and effectively!

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