Computer stress; some ideas to fight it and learn more about it

Computer stress exists. Seriously!

It can cause real problems, which can be more or less serious. The most obvious is a decrease in the productivity of those affected; they, immersed in frustration and anxiety, decrease their performance. But not only that, computer stress can lead to serious health problems, and some cases of heart attacks have even been reported.

Are you already taking this more seriously? In this article we are going to know what computer stress is and some ideas to avoid it, both from the position of the user and from that of the people in charge of the IT of a company.

What is computer stress?

Computer stress is the feeling of anxiety and discomfort that the user of a computer system suffers when the computer system does not work or does so in a way that is different from his or her expectations.

It is quite simple to list some examples of situations that can cause computer stress: Internet connections that fail or are too slow, a computer that takes a long time to start up, software incompatibilities that cause errors or force you to look for alternatives, tedious program installations, operating systems that crash, programs that take an eternity to run….

I’m sure that in your work or in your daily life you have experienced this kind of situation and have generated different doses of anxiety. Within the range of emotions that can be caused it is true that there are people who can take it easy and philosophically, but it is also a reality that other users are very affected and can suffer great frustration, especially if these kinds of problems prevent them from carrying out important and/or urgent tasks.

If, in addition, we are faced with the fact that the use of information technology is increasingly present in our lives, we can understand that the phenomenon of computer stress can affect more people every day, becoming a more relevant problem than it seems.

And now the question is…. How can we avoid it?

Some ideas to avoid computer stress

If you are a user:

– Rest if you feel like it

Taking a few minutes to rest may be enough to relieve stress. A walk in the park or a chat with a colleague by the coffee maker can provide you with enough relaxation doses to get the tension to relax. But remember, if you use these breaks to check your mobile phone, you probably won’t get the effect you want…

– Reduce the brightness of the screen

You may not feel it that way, but excessive screen brightness can cause stress and eyestrain. You need a more moderate glow that resembles natural light; you’ll be taking care of your eyes and preventing stress.

– Use relaxation techniques

Certain techniques used in other situations can also be useful in fighting computer stress. Breathing control, physical exercise, or maintaining a good diet are healthy practices at any time and may also help you with this kind of stress.

In any case, remember that if the computer stress that affects you is intense, you should go to health professionals who can help you, don’t overlook it! In some cases, this may be a major problem.

If the systems depend on you:

– Try to keep the computer equipment “young”

It’s a basic one. Like people, computers age, and when they are too old they can suffer countless ” illnesses “.

Some companies keep a very old computer equipment, thinking about saving money and avoiding the problems that this can cause: slow computers, software incompatibilities that prevent the use of tools, frustration among employees when faced with the difficulties to do their job properly, etc.

Sometimes excessive savings will be expensive and it will be convenient to invest in new hardware to prevent productivity from being affected and computer stress from eventually overwhelming workers.

– Good computer maintenance

Updating the operating system or some programs, removing software that will not be used or, finally, computer maintenance activities will also be important in order to preserve the proper functioning of computers and prevent the appearance of stress due to their use.

– Ensure good Internet access

Today we use it for nearly everything. Also in the workplace, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for our work. Therefore, a bad connection, slow or often interrupted, can prevent us from doing our job and generate frustration and stress.

It may be a particular problem, or your Internet provider may not be providing the services you need. It detects the problem and responds accordingly.

– Train your users

Sometimes it will be not only convenient, but also essential. Some computer programs, because of their complexity, can be difficult to use and can be a pain for people who are not trained enough to use them.

In these cases, promoting the necessary training for these people will be a step towards both preventing the emergence of computer stress and increasing their productivity. Also, remember that some of the companies that serve this type of program also offer training for their use, an option you may want to consider.

– Ask the users

It is one of the most direct ways to address the problem. Each person is different, and the fact that it may not be a problem for one user can become a living hell for another, so asking if everything is going well may be the easiest way to detect the presence of some inconveniences. And also, remember that humane treatment will be another factor that will help you relieve computer stress.

– Use good monitoring software

If you work in the sector you probably already know them or have worked with some of them. Among other features, these tools can detect problems in the operation of computers, networks, or programs, which can help you take the right steps to improve their performance.

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