What is cloud computing? The world has changed

In the great encyclopedia of concepts involving the world of technology and computing today we are going to review one that has been gaining popularity lately.

Take out some paper and a pen, while I set the tables of this virtual U-shaped classroom, in order to try to be the best teacher of the whole concept. Picture me with a corduroy jacket and elbow pads, a large pair of glasses. Yes, like those that are still lost in the bedside tables of grandparents or mothers with a long and binocular past.

Ready? Is everyone at their desk with the best companion they could wish for by their side? Well, write in your notebooks: “What is cloud computing?” Here we go!

What is cloud computing?

Everything about the software universe changes and transcends continuously. Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s useless flaws. Although the fundamental concept of providing computing resources through a global network already existed in the 1960s, it was in the late 1990s when they were consolidated. Business applications and services were offered online. That quickly came to be called “cloud computing”. It was useful to all kinds of businesses: to small ones, or more or less large ones and to giant companies.

Cloud computing basically tries to provide services through the interconnectivity offered by the vast field of the Internet. This type of computing allows us to access all kinds of computer resources spread throughout the world. Applications and software that play with reciprocity and collaboration between agents. Cloud computing democratizes systems and can host many customers.

Multilocation is possibly the greatest strength of cloud computing. Small businesses can take advantage of this special feature and make their way through the biggest technologies thanks to the versatility of the cloud.

To sum up: What is cloud computing? It is the ability to provide services through the Internet. Cloud computing is that technology that allows us to have all our data on the Internet and operate with it. As a result, we do not have to worry about not having the necessary storage capacity in our computers, since it is on the Internet.

Cloud computing can explain the new ways in which companies operate, as it will always add to their business possibilities. Now they can provide services over the Internet, becoming “e-business”. Companies that have introduced new technologies in their way of doing business and that can now opt for new strategies such as online communication. E-businesses are not necessarily technology or computer companies but any type of company that takes advantage of the possibilities of new technologies to improve as a business.

Some advantages

Cost reduction

Companies will not have to invest in special infrastructure. It will not be necessary to have any singular type of hardware in order to begin with the work. No maintenance, energy costs or technical staff. Just access to the cloud.

This could lead to 20% or 30% savings on our investment. The business can focus on its activity and forget, for example, the often sizzling and failing devices. The maintenance of technology is often the fear of SMEs.

Access from anywhere, from any device

One of the best possibilities of cloud computing is to have access to all information, from any device and therefore from anywhere.

This means mobility, and mobility has become another factor in competition between companies. Working from wherever you like saves time and effort. Customer service also becomes simpler and more practical, as you are not dependent on an operations centre or an office. Everything becomes flexible and powerful.

You just depend on having a good Internet connection wherever you are. Whether you are practicing bodyboarding in Mundaka or palm braiding in San Antón, the data is in the cloud so you won’t need any individual device. The different components of the company will be able to access them, share them and work without the need to be together in the same office.


In the past you could have that traditional problem with your computer, an unexpected failure that could wipe out all your valuable stored information. Thanks to cloud computing, you will be able to continue working without any problems, as the failure of a personal computer means nothing. The data will remain in the cloud, so it would be accessible from any other computer. It is the definitive backup. In addition, the cloud usually makes this type of copy automatically, so we would be safe.

In the event of the appearance of a hacker we should simply insist on a secure encryption and the most inaccesible thing ever.

There are many companies that already use cloud computing and stand out for this. This is the case of Spotify, which uses the cloud to optimise its streaming music service, Airbus, which uses cloud computing to store and operate with terabytes of satellite images, Mercedes F1, which continuously analyses its performance from it…

What is cloud computing?

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