How to improve Internet speed: 6 tips for it to work faster

Formerly, we practiced all possible yoga positions with our radio and TV antenna, in order for that stressing snow to leave the screen of our TV and get good signal. You may also have seen comrades holding their partners on their shoulders with their arms raised, trying to get just a little more reception. But all of that is nothing compared to the chaos that is trying to make Internet or the wifi work, or figure out how to improve Internet speed. That wireless interconnection is just like water in a dessert, all of us need it in our lives like coffee on Mondays or beer on Sundays. Some people have become so desperate, in pursuit of knowing how to improve Internet speed, that they have started praying anxiously around the corners, asking for a solution to the God of technology.

For all those people who have such a hard time trying to find out what the hell is happening that websites never load or files are not even downloaded: this article is for all of them, where we will try to figure out how to improve Internet speed with the techniques and tactics that we can enjoy in this year 2020.

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How to improve internet speed

Test your speed

Just guessing that Internet is not working is not enough; therefore the best you can do is test your speed. Because if you really do not know the speed that you already have, you will never know if you are improving it much, just a little, or if it is actually getting worse. In order to do that, there are many applications that you can find online. Do not stick to a single measurement, perform the process for several days and several times, so you can dismiss saturation periods or some specific problems.

Restart your network

It may seem too easy, but there are connectivity problems that can be solved by rebooting the router, such as operating system failures, two devices that have the same IP and cause the network failure, heat excess…

So, you know, hit the “big button” before going crazy looking for possible and cumbersome problems and solutions.

Beware of interference

You might not suspect it, but there are devices that are not linked to Wi-Fi and that can sometimes operate on the same 2.4 Ghz or 5 GHz frequencies.

Those include bluetooth devices, mobile phones, baby monitors, poorly placed dish antennas, power supplies, LCD screens… The microwave, for example, can generate radio frequencies that hinder the network and slow it down or even disconnect it.

Therefore, you must place the router strategically and as far as possible. It may also be a good idea to turn off (temporarily) those electronic devices that may bother you, to see how they affect your interference. You can even get to the point of solving the frequency interference by changing the wifi channel for the router.

The best wifi channel

Maybe your kind neighbors and their inherent routers interfere with yours, making your signal suffer. This is because wireless routers operate on a number of different channels. The best thing is that you set yours on the channel that has the least amount of interference. To do this, to find the channel that best suits you, you can use tools such as Wifi Stumbler or Wifi Analyzer.

Say no to the wifi thief

Even if your router has that password that is impossible to learn by heart, it may be very easy to hack for those who know a little about this kind of thing. The expert wifi thieves know it, I am not saying that they are something like Carmen Sandiego or Ethan Hunt, but they usually find out in an easy way other people’s passwords, especially if the password set by default is still being used.

Therefore, for the sake and safety of your Wifi, the best thing you can do is dramatically increase the router security. Use a WPA password or make it endlessly long and customize it, so that the kleptomaniac of wifi waves gives up trying to hack it.

Applications that use too much bandwidth

Look carefully around you, if there is someone out there who does not stop making video calls, has no life because he devotes it to online games, downloads torrents non-stop or is so addicted to Netflix his eyes are permanently red… surely that is the person, if it is not you, who is responsible for you running out of Internet speed.

Activities such as the ones mentioned above are the ones that can consume a large part of your bandwidth, making your Internet speed to run out for the rest of the users. You have to give preference to some applications over others, so that the most important ones receive the bandwidth they deserve.

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