Best productivity apps to improve your productivity

Work may be the place where we are least productive, perhaps because of pressure, laziness, routine, or boredom. In fact, it is in our humble workplace where procrastination triumphs the most. That buzzword that encompasses postponing our homework and tasks for another time, while we entertain ourselves in less urgent things but that please us much more: reordering pens on the table, going for the third coffee in the morning, wondering what we will have for dinner tonight, or recalling an unfair school fight in which we had to win. So, to make our work easier and deliver greater performance, today we’re going to go over a list of applications to improve the most cutting-edge productivity.

Best productivity apps to improve productivity : Google Now

We deserve this, Google Now is not the only one, but it’s one of the ones we like and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

It is activated by the powerful voice of the owner of the computer where it runs and begins its work by doing its searches on the Internet, locating the places you are interested in going, approaching the weather forecast, publishing in networks, programming alarms and events … You will also be able to make calls, read emails and write texts faster. In short, everything you could do alone but faster and ordering it to another being who is not to blame but is super effective and diligent.

Best productivity apps to improve productivity : Trello

One of the best task managers in the market. You can make it work any way you want. You don’t have your shopping list ready, go for it. You want to organize the final project for your company, go for it. Your town’s neighborhood association needs someone to fix an event for them, it looks good and that’s why.

The application is free and compatible with the web. With it you will be able to share the tables of tasks between users, organizing yourselves like the best of the devices. There are different tags, checklists, attachments, delivery dates or end dates to help you. You will be able to communicate with your team through comments or make another member of the project responsible for a task (when you look too tired to continue as a leader).

Best productivity apps to improve productivity: Buffer

If your company must be synchronized and in deep symbiosis with social networks 24/7, you need Buffer. This application gives us the possibility of programming our content in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among many others, to be published when you better come or more suited to your target of followers.

Buffer is free, and it’s nothing complicated to handle. You can find it available both for your computer and in its different operating systems and also in iOS and Android in their mobile versions.

Best productivity apps to improve productivity: GoToMeeting

If going back and forth is a torture, try GoToMeeting. You’ll save all that time and money that unnecessary trips to meetings take with them.

This more than award-winning application will allow you to videoconference up to 25 colleagues, as long as they are users. Through it you will be able to share the necessary documents, without having to take them from one side to the other in a file cabinet, and make sure that the companions that are with you in the meeting are following the meeting.

Another of its great values is the invulnerability of its transmissions, protected with high security encryption and optional passwords. This, combined with a web-hosted subscription service and highly restrictive firewalls, forms a perfect shielding for your communications.

Best productivity apps to improve productivity: IFTTT

IFTTT (“If This, Then That”). This application performs immediate actions, previously programmed, if a certain action occurs.

IFTTT is a type of web service that lets you create and program actions and automate them on the Internet. Some examples could be that the phone is turned on at a certain time, that when we mark an email as important or a reminder to your mobile, and to make sure that if we upload a photo on Facebook is also uploaded to Twitter, Telegram or Instagram … It is also used in a wide spectrum of automation, especially in home devices, you know, that the lights are magically turned on if it detects any movement in the room.

IFTTT is a free online application. You can use it on both Android and iOS.

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