Technology trends for companies for the next few months

Are you craving for new technology trends? Do you also want to know them in order to discover whether they can benefit your company in any way?

The technological wheel does not stop going forwards, affecting the results of companies in an increasingly drastic way. That is why it is increasingly necessary to know what technologies are going to make an impact on the business world.

In Pandora FMS blog, we do not want to stay behind either. That is why we are always investigating the latest technology trends to offer you the most recent news, straight out of the oven.

Today, we will get to know some of those that will rule over the market for the next months. Let’s begin!

8 technology trends for companies for the next few months

Developing cloud environments

The cloud has conquered everything. One of the innovative technology trends of the past few years has become a standarized and now it’s time to turn the screw even more. All kinds of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions will coexist with hybrid environments and begin to provide access to edge computing.

In addition to all this, multicloud will create even more complex environments, which will mean bigger difficulties and new challenges, as well as the need to deal with them with higher efficiency and clarity.

Weak artificial intelligence

We already know that you have been hearing about Artificial Intelligence for years as one of the technology trends to look out for and yet we do not have Terminators walking around the streets, but there are other types of AI that are already significantly present. Precisely, right now when hype for science-fiction AI seems to begin to decrease, it is when we begin to find real Artificial Intelligence uses for companies.

For now, it is mostly software that uses machine learning techniques focused on offering very specific results based on analyzing large amounts of data. And, although there is still time until we have to avoid killer robots, it seems like we are finally getting into the era of weak Artificial Intelligence, which is already a paradigm shift.

Fintech come into play

They are the bogeyman of traditional financial institutions, although these will also try to compete with similar weapons.

Fintech, also known as technologies applied to financials, will change the sector wise overview by means of offering new products and services and introducing new actors in the market (according to regulations).

All this will turn the financial market into an even more heterogeneous environment than what it is at present, which will affect both private users and companies.


As connections improve –5G is already here- and device prices decrease, the Internet of Things will call to your door with more strength.

Some useful IoT solutions are already available for companies, and it is expected that services will increase during the coming months. In some sectors, such as the industrial one, the Internet of Things is expected to become a whole revolution that will start what it is known as Industry 4.0. Regarding this, do not forget a concept that will also be widely discussed: digital twins.

Data security is increasingly more important

Both the multiplication of available data and the increasingly demanding regulations that state how it should be dealt with make the issue of data security increasingly important for businesses.

As a result, the options to increase it multiply. New encryption and data management technologies will be available to companies that seek to go one step further in their security.

E-commerce, increasingly demanding

Increasingly relevant in global trade figures, users have already turned it into one of the most relevant technology trends, since they have become used to making their purchases online, and now they ask for higher quality.

Therefore, companies will be forced to offer a more effective and faster service. That is why it will be necessary to continue increasing efficiency in factors such as customer service or logistics.

Work flexibility is no longer a myth

We have heard about work flexibility for years, and we may not have come to believe it, but it is already a reality. The multiplicity of technological options provides options such as teleworking or flexible schedules, which are increasingly present in companies.

Mobility is an established reality and entails social changes. Nowadays, flexibility is more possible than ever and for that reason more and more workers ask for it as one of the elements that make a job offer more attractive.

IT Monitoring

More technology entails the need for more monitoring. IT technology monitoring has been essential for many companies and organizations for years, but in an environment where the number of IT solutions and their heterogeneity increases, the need for flexible monitoring is even higher.

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