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Monitoring security architecture

May 4, 2021

Introduction Do an exercise, ask five IT technicians -of any profile- what SNMP means.. If you’re close with them the better, so that the first thing they do is not go to Wikipedia to boast. Hopefully, they might tell you what they said to …

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Engineering and development in Pandora FMS

April 27, 2021

Pandora FMS started as a totally personal open source project back in 2004. I wasn’t even a professional programmer, I was doing Unix security consulting. In fact, I chose PHP but Pandora FMS was my first application with PHP, I knew some things about …

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Monitoring and security: an open marriage

December 18, 2020

Monitoring and security; more than a technology, a philosophy Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the three basic laws of security. Availability is a kind of wayward son who becomes prodigal when he likes to, even if it is just to write eulogies with it …

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We achieved ISO/IEC 27001

December 18, 2020

We live in an uncertain world and monitoring should try to make sure that whatever happens we will always be informed. Therefore, security is the basis of everything in monitoring and for us it has always been one of the pillars of our strategy …

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What are logs and why monitor them?

December 9, 2020

What are logs for and some of the main log types What are logs? In computing, when generally speaking of “log”, we refer to information belonging to a more or less low level reported by the operating system or a specific application that helps …

pandora fms vs centreon vs nagios

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Pandora FMS vs Centreon vs Nagios XI

October 1, 2020

Introduction to Nagios XI and Centreon Centreon is a solution for monitoring applications, systems and networks, based on Nagios source code. On 1st August, 2005 the company Merethis (now Centreon) was founded and began working on “their” Nagios version, calling it Oreon. In July …


Pandora FMS arrives to Japan!

November 15, 2016

A Spanish company exporting technology to Japan, where the past and the future co-exist in a high-tech present? You might be reminded of the old saying about taking coals to Newcastle but possibly not since the samurais discovered the quality of Toledo steel for …