Closer and closer: the future of data centers

“Adapt or die (and let others take your share of the cake)” is both an evolutionary law and a business law. Without going any further, today, the rise of new technologies and critical applications have led to a substantial change in data centers. It is natural of course, so much data, so much data generated by millions of Internet users wasting their time on the Internet… Data processing centers, or data centers, require new advances and solutions to be able to adapt to the processing of such an amount of information.

Therefore, current data centers are evolving, indeed, in response to this new situation. Improved facilities are now dedicated to supporting higher workloads and higher user traffic. We are talking about renewed systems and technological resources that grant a break, superior applications, shared data, flexibility, and high security for the protection of information.

The market is a jungle , and demand is continually stimulated by new proposals, models and skills that promise to renew the future of the data center. What are data centers evolving to? Let’s check out together some of the most in-demand competencies that will make data centers evolve in the coming future.

The work of data center technicians

Do not forget about them, in the end they are the ones responsible for data centers mostly. Installation, server and network computer maintenance, daily performance monitoring, maintaining a controlled and optimal equipment environment and solving all those unforeseen events that are usually associated with the network and servers. Not to mention the emergencies outside working hours, which will make them leave the shelter of their life as a civilian to go to repair any mess. Therefore, technicians from data centers will be a value to be taken into account by the market. Without a doubt they will take their chances on those that are the best and most prepared in the future. Computer support to staff and clients while they solve the bustle of servers and the network with the other hand. Their work is incalculable!

An architect in the Cloud

IT infrastructures and services in the Cloud, that is where money is invested, at least they are the two most notable factors companies want to take their chances on in recent times, and the appearance of 5G only reinforces their position. They take advantage of faster and more correct data transfers.

The data processing center, the technology company… absolutely everyone wants to focus now on the important factors that surround this investment: security in the Cloud and its architecture. They are looking for that revolutionary architect from the Cloud, with deep knowledge in the field, an architecture project up his sleeve and the final design of a unique product.

Hybrid management

Hyundai and its hybrid cars are not the only ones that have hybridization as their flag, there we have IT management that is also hybrid. Something unified to manage both the infrastructure in the Cloud and the traditional services. The benefits are many, including that hybrid IT management solutions provide key automation across IT functional areas. This encompasses service management, compliance, assurance, and governance.

And it is now that companies are using more AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, and other services in the Cloud, when IT administrators must guarantee network bandwidth between applications. Organizations will get into it more than ever.

Data center security

We live in a world where millions of users roam the Internet at ease, which makes managing and protecting data centers considerably more difficult. To ensure higher security, companies have to ensure their data and uninterrupted network performance. That’s why they hire fellow data analysts and cybersecurity architects skilled enough to look over the big picture and create a model of perception and protection against potential threats.

Edge computing

The arrival of edge computing certainly helps IT companies to collect and weigh information from IoT devices. They then transmit that data to a data center, be it remote or local. An edge server, as we know, differs from a source server in closeness to the client machine.

Edge servers store cache content in localized areas helping to ease server load. As the implementation of edge computing progresses, the thinking heads of data centers will look for talents with skills in networking, system design or database modeling and security.

Edge computing, security, hybrid management, architecture in The Cloud and specialized technicians are just some of the specialties towards which data centers are heading in their evolution. So if you are thinking of making a career out of it, this is the right time to rethink it. Ditch what you’re up to and join the demand around data centers. It is not Bitcoin, but it is undoubtedly a more consolidated bet.

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