Privacy policies in three other countries outside the EU

Are you not a little curious? Even a little bit, right under your chin or your temple about how they deal with privacy policies in other countries? Aren’t you? Well, surprise! Today, in Pandora FMS blog, we are going to get it out of our system by discussing how they do it, how they deal with the protection of international data and privacy, in at least three countries outside the European Community.

We are not going to choose countries at random, we leave that for a special of where we would go on vacation in Pandora FMS. The three countries we have chosen have one thing in common: they have initiated data protection reforms. They want to guarantee 100% the safety of their peers by offering them an improved data protection law.

This decision by these three countries is very likely due to the current pandemic, you know Covid-19 everywhere. With the almighty Internet as the systematic platform for sharing data, crooks had an obvious target. So in there we have been able to see, for some time now, countless data breaches and cybersecurity fraud. Therefore the demand for data security has proportionally generated concern and a large number of countries have decided, due to pressure, to reform their archaic and moth-eaten privacy and data protection policy frameworks. This is absolutely necessary. We have already seen it in film sagas such as James Bond or the Bourne Case, every country worth its salt handles sensitive data to protect.

Ó Pátria amada, idolatrada, salve, salve, Brasil.

We transport ourselves to the sunny and fine sands of the beaches of Brazil to find that the country approved the National Internet Law back in 2014, and that this same law defined the policies on data processing on the network. The strengths of this legislation considered consent as the strategy to follow and the fact that minors under 16 have restricted the exchange of personal data.

Brazil is currently preparing to introduce a new data protection plan through an ANPD (National Data Protection Authority). In fact, it has already published its normative strategy for the 2021-2023 fork. This ANPD wants to strengthen data protection in the country through the development of regulations, a new claim management for data breaches and adherence to the LGPD. These new privacy policies are not without certain similarities with the GDPR of our EU.

In case you didn’t quite understand the data, the LGPD is the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, which we have among us since August 2020. Its function is to regulate the use and collection of personal data by all companies that do business and market in Brazil. It goes without saying that all these companies we are talking about must comply with the policies of the new law. Law that perfectly defines the penalties for violation and requires companies to comply with all its points. It also aims to give Brazilians some fundamental rights to improve their control over their data.

O Canada! Our home and native land!

The country of elk and maples has recently submitted different amendments to its data privacy law, now proposing the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA). Bill C-11, Digital Charter Implementation Law, replaces the previous data privacy law known as PIPEDA (Personal Information and Electronic Document Protection Law). Indeed, Canada, which has always strived, both to hunt down Bigfoot, and to ensure data privacy. Although it must be said that their legislative acts on the subject are sometimes limited to the private, commercial and institutional sectors. The power to enforce the rules of this law is shared between the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and the Court of Personal Information and Data Protection.

Article eight of this new law vows to protect citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. The Consumer Privacy Protection Act also introduces restrictions on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by any private entity and imposes high penalties for infringing it or failing to report an infringement.

This new law is based on the consent of citizens, but, to keep everyone happy, it also allows companies to use certain validation and consent strategies to collect personal data. Citizens may withdraw their consent in the future, if they wish, and request the deletion of their data.

Oh say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light…

There is no other way, unlike the most reasonable countries, the United States does not have a strict data privacy policy. What they actually have is a statewide compliance policy, which varies in rules, guidelines, and penalties. We are faced with several federal laws specific to each sector and with privacy laws, as we have said, at state level. Who regulates these privacy laws? Well, the thing is in the hands of the Federal Trade Commission. It is in California where we find ourselves with the strictest privacy policies. These policies give the individual the right to full transparency of the data used by companies and the provision not to disclose their data if they do not wish to do so. 

Currently, there are many US states that are expanding their data policies. Since the pandemic, it is an unavoidable need.

Update or die, you know and especially regarding security and defense of our data. If you liked this article in which we visited different countries, leave us a comment, down there, with the country that you think has the highest data vulnerability and, why not?, the country you would go on a trip next year. I sincerely hope they don’t match.

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