What are Some Perks Offered by Pandora FMS Network Mapper?

When it comes to mapping your network, having the right tools at your disposal can make things much easier, which is why Pandora FMS offers an extensive network mapper, so you can always keep track of your network. Our network mapping tool offers a comprehensive number of features.

Our software enables you to mix network monitoring solutions with server monitoring. Here we’re going to discuss some of the biggest perks offered by our network mapper!

  • Planning: When it comes to planning your network, our network mapper enables users to plan their network by using SNMP to collect information from SNMP-enabled devices, or using automated discovery solutions to determine your network topology. Our tool gathers information from all of your connected devices to put together a detailed map of your network.
  • General Monitoring: Our network mapping tool also offers general monitoring capabilities, enabling users to inventory every aspect of their network infrastructure, from servers and applications, to even virtual machines within your infrastructure.
  • Ease of Use: Another added benefit to the network mapping solutions from Pandora FMS is that they’re extremely easy to use. Our tools can help you track the network elements of each organization, as well as determine if they’re related to each other. Additionally, it can accurately represent and monitor your network regardless of how many systems it has.
  • Customization: When it comes to customizing your network mapping solutions, our tools are easily customized from the ground up. From the very starting image your network takes, you can then add additional nodes in specific locations, as well as zoom in on various connection interfaces and determine whether they’re routers, switches, and more. Map elements can also be easily added and moved as needed.
  • Functionality Much more than simply a network mapper, the tools from Pandora FMS are designed with full SNMP functionality at all levels. This means that you can plot your mapping solutions to get real-time troubleshooting. Additionally, you’ll be able to download configurations of different devices and our remote inventory solutions also enable them to work with any devices with a Windows or Linux operating system.

Our Network Discovery Solutions

Another important component of the network mapper software available from Pandora FMS is its ability to explore and discover all of the components of your network by using ICMP (ping) technology. It uses user-defined tasks to locate the new systems that are being identified by their IP address. Then, it takes this information and aggregates these systems as “agents”, automatically assigning modules to any new agents detected. This helps catalog your new system into a set of network modules.

Pandora FMS’s Recon Server automatically discovers your network through the use of satellite servers and remote probes, saving you the time of having to map it yourself while also automatically applying monitoring profiles.

Interactive Network Mapping & Monitoring Solutions

In addition to making it easy to detect the network elements of an organization, the network mapping software from Pandora FMS also enables you to determine whether or not they’re related to each other regardless of the number of systems your network contains.

After all of these “nodes” are analyzed automatically by our software, you can then customize each one. You can add additional nodes and our network mapper enables you to zoom in on each individual node to determine what connections are present.

The network mapper also enables users to add particular nodes that might not necessarily be a part of the network, servers with IPs in a hidden subnet, for example. You can copy, drag and drop when necessary, and delete map elements, making sure they won’t show up on the map even if they are a part of the network.

Functionality at All Levels

One key benefit of working with the network mapper available from our software is that it offers SNMP functionality at every level. You’ll be able to create a level two map with our self-discovery capability, as well as have access to an online MIBS explorer and comprehensive SNMP traps console. Additionally, you can plot any device in real-time for troubleshooting purposes. Our network mapper also makes it simple to download configurations of Cisco devices to compare if they’ve undergone any changes.

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The network mapping solutions from Pandora FMS offer high-scalability, anywhere from 100-250,000 devices, easily accessing and unifying all of your network’s information no matter where it’s located. Every aspect of your network is visible on a single panel, providing real-time historical metrics and all your applications with a single tool. No longer is it necessary to execute different scripts, logs, and software to obtain vital network information.

Since 2004, the team from Pandora FMS has been network monitoring experts, partnering with organizations all around the world to expand their knowledge and build the best possible network and server monitoring capabilities available.

To learn more about what we do and how we can help you track and streamline your network, contact us online for a quote or call +1 (305) 900-6683.