Unlike other products, we are not a puzzle of different superficially integrated solutions


We cover everything from hardware to user applications

More than just server monitoring


You will be able to unify different information sources in a single point: base operating system, applications, logs, storage, networks, user experience, etc.

Our software offers the possibility of planning your capacity and checking that your investment in hardware meets your expectations, thanks to our Top-N reports, various types of SLAs and trend reports.

You will have access to a multi-year history for performance data, as well as unlimited access to application and server logs.

You can manage everything thanks to a centralized administration with templates, plugin deployment and remote configuration.

We offer high scalability to manage tens of thousands of servers through a single console: the Metaconsole.

In addition, our Metaconsole is multitenant, which means it can simultaneously group departments, technologies and locations.

Monitoring at a low level

Pandora FMS agents, like the rest of our technology, have been developed by us and not by third parties. You can get the information directly from the source, using native calls to the operating system, without third-party connectors or heavy appliances. Its footprint on the system is minimal: C++ on Windows and Perl on Unix.

Although we recommend installing a local agent, you can also choose to detect your servers and obtain information remotely from them, without having to install agents.

Total integration in server monitoring


Packaged agents for unattended installation.


Direct and inverse proxies if your topology is complex.


Centralized rule-based provisioning system.


API/CLI for automation in provisioning and later configuration.

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