When you leave the faculty with a smile on your face and after the undertow of the graduation celebration, you hope that the great multinationals approach you with hundreds and varied jobs. “Take this huge sum of money and work on what you always dreamed of”…

But nothing could be further from the truth.

For that reason, today in Pandora FMS blog, we give you our sincere condolences for facing that load of hunting for a job related to “your stuff” and a couple of pages totally necessary to find an IT job.

*We know that there are millions of specialized people that look for an article like this, from water stocker in IT to those who prepare a megalomaniac IA in their garage, but this time we have wanted to focus on looking for an IT job

** Even so, these pages are very versatile and are helpful for many more specialties. Look among them for a job that suits your specialties.

Do you know where you have to look for an IT job?


Good stuff: Ticjob. We dive right into it with one of the most valued portals of IT jobs in Spain

Go in, thread between the offers with enough precision, since you can choose among role categories, development, system, business… Choose and forget about it. Soon you will find something!

If I were you, I would sign up immediately, because you may find companies that usually do not appear in other more well-known platforms. 


Talent Hackers. We already explained to you why you don’t have to fear the word “hacker”, because it can have positive connotations and, of course, it has them here.

We face here a very singular platform for job hunting

Its aim is to catch talents within the technological scope through one distributed network. That is, by means of searching and picking up professionals through references later repaid. 

What does this mean?
It means that if the candidate which you recommend for a position is the selected one you can take up to 3,000 bucks.


Manfred: “We manage talent, not selection processes”. With this quote, the company makes clear that it is not a common portal.

Rather, Manfred claims to be a platform that offers “IT recruitment” and gives the candidate an experience totally different from that we are used to with the rest of this type of services.

Manfred takes less into account the necessities of the companies and worries more about the programmers that look for a job.

  1. You sign up.
  2. You are assigned a person that will be in charge of you, who will inform you about the most interesting opportunities that comply with the profile which you previously detailed.
  3. You are advised with the utmost respect.
  4. You realize everything is for free for IT profiles and they only charge companies that hire them.


“We are the ONLY job portal that PAYS you whenever a company contacts you.” This is what TekkieFinder promises. Do you like the idea?

Is very easy: You register, fill in your profile happily, they get you in their database and, here’s the good stuff, when a company is interested in you, it buys your profile from TekkieFinder to be able contact you, and whether you are interested in the offer or not, you get paid!

There is such a shortage of IT professionals that it is changing the way to take control over them. They are like exotic legendary pokemon hidden behind an ancient glitch. What IT professional wouldn’t be thrilled with this platform?


Looking for something truly individualized and round? Get in Circular

Circular is similar to the previous employment portal mentioned: Manfred. Although it gives you a less personal feeling than Manfred, among the Spanish platforms, it is the best one in this feature.

Circular, like the dating application Tinder, it gathers companies and applicants all together. 

First, you sign up, then a friend of yours/contact within the platform recommends you, since if they do not do it, you will not be able to contact the companies, and that’s it!


GeeksHubs is without a doubt one of the best options if you look for an IT job in Spain. 

Systems/DevOps, Back-end, Front-end, Mobile, FullStack,… These are some of the categories that you will be able to find in your sector. In addition to enough information on each vacancy, so that it becomes clear whether it interests you or not. 

And, in addition, they say how much they are willing to pay you, which is the most interesting part and it is what many hide. 


 Growara gets in your shoes and it never offers to its users a project in which they themselves would not work. In fact, it seems that they only work with companies that are actually worth it.

They never ghost you, since they seem to feed on the feedback that you can offer them.

The best thing? They don’t bother spamming you with thousands of offers that do not have anything to do with your professional development. They look for precise and elegant matches that meet your values and capacities.


Tecnoempleo is that portal specialized in computer science, telecommunications and technology that you’re looking for.

More than half a million candidates and 27 thousand companies guarantee its 20 years of professional expertise in the sector.

Although just for having its own mobile app, and specific sections for working abroad or remotely, or looking for your first job, I would choose it hands down.

Primer Empleo

If you are a newbie this is your site, Primer Empleo.

A job portal founded in 2002 and directed specifically to students and recent graduates without labor experience.

So if you have a junior profile and you want to check it out, go ahead. Even if you have not even finished your grade and you are only looking for an internship, it is quite interesting.


Jooble and Jooble Mexico are websites that take you to many and a wide range of existing job offers in other pages.  Perhaps you lose some time signing up to each one of them, but it may be worth it if you end up getting your way. 

It is worth pointing out that, if you get a job thanks to this article, you should treat us to something, even if it’s just a coffee. Always depending on the job you got and its consequent remuneration, of course!


Looking for a job is a task that is already too ungrateful for you to not accept our help through this article and these links. After all, we have been there and we know how lost and frustrated one can feel.

Good luck and take courage in your job hunting!