The fight of the century: Data Center VS Cloud! Let’s go!

In this blog we have always been eager for fights or competitions of whatever we please. We are like that, like fierce pokemon trainers who want to finally find out who has the greatest capabilities to win. They have praised us for it, they have hated us for it, but it does not matter, the point here is not having fun, but to give the most complete information about the litigants and the battle, so that the user can see closely who they should choose in the future. For all these reasons, today we have in our very own ring Data Center VS Cloud.

How to choose between a data center and Cloud storage?

When the decisive moment arrives, a company must decide about what it intends to do with data storage: “Do we send everything to the Cloud? Do we store our data right here, in our datacenter? Do we outsource them to a professional data center? After all, there are multiple factors, financial elements, the logistics of the company, different clauses and details. A lot of regulation to take into account that has you sweating when it comes to finding the correct answer.

The truth? In this article we are going to expose situations in which data centers beat the Cloud, because, for better or for worse, we are facing a foreseen victory.

Do you need more security?

It is true that the Cloud is no longer sooo in cloud 9 and both the Cloud and its computing and data storage solutions have made great progress in recent times. In fact, they offer a great infrastructure with protected access and the add-on of pay-as-you-go. But if you really want to have the appropriate protocols, compliance and security software, well, your data can be better and more secure in a data storage center, external or at home. There are many companies that offer external, professional and guaranteed data storage, which certifies that the information is your exclusive property and that the data will always be kept safe.

As we have said, storage security in IT Clouds is not as weak as some leaks of private pictures of celebrities have led us to believe. What’s more, the Cloud is often the first choice for a large number of companies, but there are certain nuances in Cloud storage that lead others to choose data centers. And there is a certain lack of control when choosing Cloud storage: problems with shared servers, lack of automatic backups, data leaks, fraudulent devices, vulnerable storage gateways, etc.

Combining infrastructure and profitability

If there is something that the clouds look like from the mainland, it is comfort and convenience, and so does the Cloud, something comfortable, agile… However, user fees can end up being quite expensive, depending on the type of services that one might need. An on-premise data center, in your own facilities, can also be one of the most expensive options, in addition that to manage it you must have a good security and IT team that takes care of regular updates and keeps it operational and always ready.

External storage might be the middle ground. Your own space within a data center or as part of a colocation package. If you think about it, you get the advantages of the Cloud without having to spend all that money that normally requires hosting data on a local data center. It is a very attractive option, considered by companies that have started getting consolidated and are now in full growth. Something more robust and reliable than the Cloud and without so many problems with the facilities.

Do you handle sensitive customer data?

Do you know when companies make up their minds quickly in this fierce fight between on-premise vs Cloud? When it comes to collecting, saving and using customer data that if leaked, lost or stolen would mean the destruction of their business, the private life of the person who trusted them or the public welfare in general. To give you an idea, Emperor Palpatine would never hang plans for The Death Star in the Cloud. Too risky.

Imagine then companies that compile and safeguard financial, political, medical, institutional, sensitive data… All of them choose to use physical data centers instead of the Cloud. And the same goes for telecommunications or social media companies. Physical centers are not the best thing ever, but the Cloud has proven itself more often to be vulnerable and easier to be violated more times.

You need a Cold Storage Location

When we talk about a Cold Storage Location we mean the storage of data that is completely offline, that is, they are not in the Cloud at all, they do not relate to the Cloud, they do not want the Cloud, they do not know what the Cloud is. Data is stored on safe physical means and then moved off-site in the event of a cataclysm. Like you know, a dana, a volcanic explosion, the Twister hurricane or a robbery attempt. This data storage option is often used by companies that have long-term compliance dates, financial institutions, brands threatened by ransomware attacks… They all see Cold Storage Location as the safest backup plan they can have.

Conclusion: Then, what about it?

Well, if we have to reach some conclusions, it must be said that storage in the Cloud is often convenient and has its place, but, of course, it is not the only option, nor is it the best for many companies. Data centers are the ones that best help companies, provide them with security, scalability and peace of mind. It is also the only alternative for companies looking for Cold Storage Location.

After this brawl, Cloud VS on-premise, you can take more into account the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them and make the best decision for your company and your customers’ data.

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