Reasons why you need micro data centers right now

We all remember a couple of biblical allegories here. That of the Good Samaritan, that of The Prodigal Son, that of an Aragonese with new Adidas and the trolleybus on line 8… But the one that interests us today is that of the most holy and bethlemite David, preceded by Saul and succeeded by Solomon, who, among his many achievements, managed to defeat the Philistine giant Goliath. And he did so despite their difference in size and strength, which comes close to explaining the potential of micro data centers compared to traditional data centers.

Micro data centers, small but actual beasts

Look in the rear-view mirror, an allegorical rear-view mirror of course, as it is very unlikely that you will find yourself driving while reading this brilliant article. Look in the rear view mirror. Far back on the road is the gray monotony of centralized data centers. Yes, given how new and cool cloud computing is, which companies are currently going for, data centers are becoming, in a subtle way, micro data centers. That is, smaller and more succinct versions of the system, the mechanics and the traditional apparatus.

These “mini versions”, compared to traditional data centers, are built for a different type of workload. In addition, they solve very specific problems that traditional data centers can no longer solve.

Macro qualities of a micro data center

If we go directly to the most common features, the most typical micro data center is around ten servers and one hundred virtual machines. They are autonomous systems that contain the same capabilities as traditional data centers and more. We are talking about refrigeration systems, security systems, humidity sensors and a constant power supply.

I no longer need you to look in the rearview mirror, now look at the front windshield. Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, remote work or telework has become part of our lives permanently. Well, these micro data centers as small and cute as they come have been created as the ideal proposal for locations of all types. They can be deployed in a higher number of locations and rooms. Even for a rudimentary installation in a classic office, they are the most silent and functional ones.

More benefits of micro data centers

If we had to make an official list of benefits and advantages of our little David, the first thing we would point out, in bold type, is that micro data centers directly empower companies. And they do not do so by magic, they do it, for example, reducing server costs, since they do not require bulky storage, or giving the option to companies to upgrade according to their own needs. This already by itself supposes a substantial difference in costs that will come in handy for the development and growth of companies.
Micro data centers are closer to users, which also translates into a reduction in latency. All of that in addition to how cheap they are compared to traditional data centers.

If you keep on looking ahead the advances are coming, one after the other, like traffic signs that we quickly leave behind with our allegorical ride. Technology companies increasingly have more data to accumulate and are in need of more processing power. Big brands will have no problem, they have the money, but what about small offices, retail areas or even town firms? They more than anyone should take advantage of edge computing and micro data centers to improve their businesses. And not only because they have the strangest and most remote and forsaken locations, but because these micro data centers can run all kinds of security systems, cash registers and other digital systems that are usually needed by small businesses.

Imagine your neighborhood grocer, “Frank, The 6 fingers,” using data analytics to improve marketing. After all, micro data centers only need a comfortable cabinet for cooling. And if we are talking about a small savings bank or common bank, well, they can implement their financial practices making them more efficient with micro data centers. Leaning even towards IT solutions, edge computing, IoT…

But be careful: Micro data centers should not be mistaken with edge computing.

To avoid mistaking them: micro data centers take advantage of edge computing to reach their goal, while edge computing is the one that increases processing power, brings it closer to the data source, speeds up the process of transporting data and improves device performance.

Even if it was this time from 1 Samuel 17: 4-23; 21: 9, David blows up again and knocks out Goliath. Proving that the small can knock down the big one and that we all have a chance in this land of God, at least if we are seasoned enough and have a fighting spirit.

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